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Modern bathrooms can be decorated in many ways, so it is possible to enjoy different types of bathrooms in the same modern style. The modern bathrooms are characterized by a simple style and furniture minimalist design with basic lines, but within these details, we can find many variants.

Let’s see some ideas to decorate modern bathrooms with charm, from polished concrete to colorful shades and the use of wood, which is not only ideal for classic bathrooms. In the modern style bathrooms, we will find a great decorative inspiration.

Minimalist style bathrooms

Modern bathrooms undoubtedly identify a lot with the minimalist style. Spaces with furniture of simple shapes, with touches of design and above all, a lot of simplicity. In these bathrooms, the tones are usually basic, with white, black and gray as protagonists. The minimal style does not look for much decoration, because the forms are what matter. These bathrooms offer large and bright spaces with few decorative details, so they are also ideal for cleaning.

Showers at ground level

In modern bathrooms, it is very common to see the practical walk-in showers. These showers have great advantages because they are more comfortable and easy to clean. In addition, they allow us to create a nice continuity in the ground so that space seems much wider.

Sober tones

In modern bathrooms, it is usual to see spaces in sober tones. These tones are more elegant and also allow us to have spaces that do not go out of style. Grays are a trend that we can see in many bathrooms, with toilets in white tones, although you can also use the color black.

Furniture design

Modern bathrooms can have beautiful designer furniture, which has special shapes. With the designer furniture, nothing else is necessary since their shapes and elegant style are more than enough to decorate the bathrooms. In this design bathroom, we find toilets with a beautiful style and tiles that make everything combine.

Colorful modern bathrooms

Although in many of the modern bathrooms we find sober tones like gray, the truth is that there are also bathrooms that use bright and cheerful colors. This bathroom, for example, has beautiful red tones along with a very bright white space. The colorful furniture can create a totally different space, a fun, and special bathroom, but in these cases, it is more difficult to combine the rest of the elements.

Bathrooms with polished cement

The polished concrete has become a possibility in modern homes. It is a resistant material, anti-slip, strong and that does not affect the humidity. In addition, it offers a very modern gray finish for floors or walls, being ideal for the bathroom area. This cement is used in bathrooms with minimalist and sober appearance, with modern white sanitary in contrast.

Small modern bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, do not hesitate to create a modern space, because it offers great advantages. The furniture is simple and there are very practical ideas, with pieces that adapt to any space. One of the best ideas is the walk-in showers and the exempt toilets, which allow us to achieve a space that seems wider. We must also use a lot of white colors, which adds luminosity and amplitude. The mirrors and surfaces that reflect also help to bring more light to space.

Modern bathrooms with wood

It is not very common to use wood in many modern bathrooms, but the truth is that it is also a good idea if we want to bring a little warmth. Some of the modern and minimalist bathrooms may be too cold, so a good touch of wood can fix it.

Bathrooms with bathtub

In the modern bathrooms, there is also space for a nice bathtub. Simple and exempt lines are a great idea if the bathroom is large and we can afford to add it.

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