Modern fireplaces for a warm home


The chimneys are a great decorative resource in our homes, as well as a source of heat with which to create more welcoming spaces. Traditional fireplaces are what for decades has occupied a privileged place in our halls, but also Modern fireplaces chimneys.

Modern suspended metal designs, recessed proposals with minimalist aesthetics and sinuous bioethanol models have a greater presence in our homes every day. In addition to an attractive aesthetic, these modern designs can help us to distribute the heat in a better way and offer greater comfort in terms of its use.

Are you thinking of coloring a fireplace in the living room or in the bedroom? Once you know where you are going to place it, you will have to choose what type of fireplace you want, open or closed firewood, gas or bioethanol? Modern fireplaces open up a world of possibilities.Modern fireplaces

Firewood, pellet, gas or bioethanol?

It is the first question you must ask and the most important one. The choice of one or another type of fuel will influence the installation requirements, consumption, and performance, ease of use and aesthetics. In Decor we want to provide you with a base in order to help you make a decision or inform you about a certain type of fireplace, sharing with you the advantages and disadvantages of different fuels.

The modern wood-burning fireplaces have a flame without comparison; however, need to be fed regularly and manually several times a day. The combustion of wood also generates waste, or that requires periodic cleaning of it.

The biomass models, fed by pellets, have all the advantages of a wood model but an energy yield of up to 95%. In addition, these can be turned on and off automatically according to the established schedules; a very interesting option given our pace of life. Unlike firewood, they do not generate waste; fully ecological fuel is considered neutral in terms of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. Despite their many advantages and that is relatively economical in terms of consumption, they require an initial investment higher than those of firewood.

The gas fireplace offers greater comfort. It does not need to be changed or cleaned regularly and its flame comes on quickly at the push of a button. The gas models also require a lower smoke output than the wood fireplaces.

Chimneys powered by clean combustion materials, such as bioethanol, are the most innovative. If installation and maintenance are easy, nothing likes these chimneys. Does not generate ash or waste. And by not requiring a flue, they are very versatile both in terms of design and placement options. The only disadvantage is that it is open or semi-closed systems – bioethanol combustion with oxygen – so its performance is worse.Modern fireplaces

It is also important to know that open systems do not exceed yields of around 50%, while closed systems exceed 80% in firewood and more than 90% in gas and pellet systems. In addition, among the technological innovations that incorporate, stand out the systems of double combustion that, when using the gases generated to produce more heat, not only reduce the polluting emissions, but they save fuel.

Fireplaces with modern designs

As for its aesthetics, modern fireplaces take different forms. You can find them with rounded shapes designed to be suspended in the center of a room. Corner to provide an avant-garde touch to the living room or built-in and minimalist design to not break the pure and clean lines of it.

Suspended fireplaces

Its metal structure, its generally wavy lines and the fact that it does not rest on the ground, makes these modern fireplaces some of the most attractive. Located in the center of the room, they help to divide this into different areas in a natural way, distributing the heat uniformly to each one of them.Modern fireplaces

Minimalist built-in fireplaces

The built-in fireplaces are always a success when it comes to decorating minimalist style rooms. They can be installed at an intermediate height and with a square format, in a low area with an elongated format or in vertical format. Without moldings, they fuse perfectly with the wall, allowing us to maintain that clean look typical of minimalist aesthetics. That does not mean we can not highlight the fireplace. We can do it by painting another color, being white, black and gray the most popular to do it.Modern fireplaces

Aquarium fireplaces

With aquarium fireplaces, we refer to those that are embedded in a partition that separates two spaces. They have two, three and even four glass windows, from which the fire is visible from different angles. And in the same way that they bring light to one side and the other, they do the same with the heat.Modern fireplaces

They are a great resource to distribute a space of great dimensions like those that you can see in images without losing their diaphanous character. The partition that supports the chimney will allow us to create different areas in a single space giving each one certain privacy but without isolating them visually 100%.

Modern fireplaces add value to our homes. They are a design-oriented choice that also offers cutting-edge technologies that transform the simple magic of the flame into an effective, efficient and clean heating system for all purposes.

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