Modern small kitchens that will make you forget the lack of space


We always have meters at our house! If for us it were, we would extend each stay. But looking at the examples of small modern kitchens, perhaps they would make us rethink this theme. Because thanks to different styles, each time we can find more suitable options for small corners.

So the kitchen is always one of the most important rooms. That’s why we always need amplitude, although when we have a compact and modern model, we sure forget all the rest. Today we propose you some decorative ideas in full color, with spaces for what you really need.

Full color small modern kitchens

When space is reduced, we will have to make use of those little decorating tricks. The colors are one of the fundamental parts. To add more luminosity in our kitchens, the important thing is to add the white color. But if you like the most vibrant tones then opt for reds, oranges or greens.modern kitchens

The color combinations are very diverse. Red always add this striking and brilliant touch. You can combine it with a bit of gray or with the basic and black ones. For an open kitchen but small or corner, it is a perfect idea. In the same way that colors are present, the simplicity of furniture cannot be left behind either. Thus, it will allow us to enjoy a modern place, with minimalist brushstrokes but that has everything you need.

Acid tones are perfect for kitchens. Only with them, we will be leaving the most modern touch to this room. Also, if you have a very small space, it is not necessary to put your hands to your head. Because today there are compact kitchens that will be perfect for you. They have so many storage spaces that you will not miss a bigger one. The undulating forms combine with the vibrant colors to end with the usual neutrals. Style, luminosity, and modernity come together in a kitchen like this. Why do we need more?

Open modern kitchens

Modern small kitchens also have another quality. They usually meet towards the side of the room, in a corner. Space, being reduced, does not allow closing the kitchen as such. So we’re talking about open kitchens. Something that we love because they allow us to make a perfect division as an island or with a simple bar. This will be used as a table. We will place some high chairs and that’s it. In this way, space will be used to the maximum, despite being small. Although many do not like the open spaces because of the smells, the truth is that they allow us very important amplitude.

The minimalist style is also perceived when we talk about a kitchen like this. The simplicity that seeks a more elegant and basic style, traps us with a perfect design at the same time as modern. Again we see how it is not necessary to place a kitchen table, having a simple extension as a bar. The luminous touch is added by the effect of stainless steel on the wood.

Soft rustic touch in modern kitchens

As we see, the decorative styles are not at odds with the small modern kitchens. Because this modern style focuses on the variety of colors as well as furniture and shapes that give the perfect finish to this place. So, within the most modern, we could not skip the rustic touch. The combination of wenge tones with cream is always a safe bet. Of course, always adding a touch of color on the part of the tiles. What do you think a stroke of blue? Without a doubt, it is an idea of the most original.

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