Modern white kitchens for home


The white kitchens are modern and also timeless. White is a color that is always used in spaces to express purity and to give light. The modern white kitchens give the feeling of being spacious and very clean, with lots of light. That is why today a very used tone, especially in certain styles are.

We’re going to see a few modern white kitchens for the home. Kitchens with or without the island, larger or smaller the color white has the great ability to adapt to all tastes and fashions, so it is always a wise choice. However, it can also be combined with other elements.

All to the white

The white color can be the protagonist in our modern kitchen. This tone is very luminous and offers us great possibilities since it creates diaphanous and wide environments. It is always the best choice for small spaces or that have little natural light. In this kitchen, we see a bright and spacious environment, with light wooden floors. They have chosen totally white stools, to combine everything in the same color.

Wooden floors

The wooden floors are a great combination for this type of kitchen. It treats the current wood to resist well in a place with as much hustle as is the kitchen. In addition, it is possible to find many different shades of wood, so that we find the one that is most suitable for our kitchen. In a white color can be added from the darkest woods, almost black, to the lightest, typical in the Nordic style. This kitchen, they have added an intermediate tone, which brings light, color, and warmth to this space. That is another important function of the wood, that of providing a little warmth to the spaces since the totally white kitchens can come to seem a bit cold.

Textiles in the kitchen

Another way to break the white and add that warmth to the kitchen is to include textiles. With a tablecloth or a rug, you can add a more welcoming touch to a modern white kitchen. In this kitchen, we see a large carpet, although this is recommended for places like the dining room since in the kitchen it can get stained often.

Touches in black

Modern white kitchens can add touches in other colors. The most common is the basic tones. A combination that we like a lot and that is really modern is that of white kitchens with touches of black. It is a tone that totally contrasts and gives a very sophisticated air to everything. If we ask ourselves where we can add it, there are many answers, because we can include it in kitchen utensils such as the toaster, or on the countertop, on the stools or tablecloths and crockery. So that all this stands out on the white kitchen.

Kitchens with island

In modern kitchens are often found islands that offer us great advantages. If the kitchen is large you can add one of these islands also in white to match the whole kitchen, because it is part of it. This island will serve as a workspace and also as an area to connect with other spaces, such as the dining room when we have an open concept floor.

Lighting in the kitchen

In the white kitchens, you also need a lot of lighting. As we are talking about a modern kitchen, we will have to find a lamp in this style. Modern lamps in white colors, metal spotlights, and lamps in black or copper tones can be a good choice.

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