Nest tables, a versatile alternative in confined spaces


The nest tables are auxiliary tables with extra functionality. They allow us to create different compositions using the tables either as a set or individually. This versatility makes them a product with great appeal in the world of interior design.

The main characteristic of these sets of tables is their scaled design. A design that allows us to pick up the smallest table under a second table with a larger size as if it were a matryoshka. An especially interesting feature when we want to take advantage of all the possibilities of a small space.

Nest tables, besides being very functional, add style and character to any space, whatever its size. Playing with your composition you can modify the space at your whim, making it look different every day. In addition, you will not find it difficult to adapt them to a specific room; you will find them with multiple forms and elaborated from a wide variety of materials.Nest tables

Uses of nest tables

The nest tables are mainly used as a coffee table in the living room or side table in different spaces, either in the reading corner or in the living room. In addition, they can be used as a small table or as a low piece of furniture to decorate a space with plants.

As an auxiliary table

In living rooms, reading corners, hotel receptions, waiting rooms … the nest tables have a great role as an auxiliary table in both private and commercial spaces. They allow us to have an extra surface in which to place a lamp, some books or a cup of coffee, without stealing much space.auxiliary table

When we furnish our home there are always small corners where this type of table plays a great role. Between the sofas, next to another furniture of greater height or the window. Beyond providing us with an extra surface, they serve to draw attention to a certain space and as a transition between two.

As a coffee table

The coffee tables usually have a generous size and not always appropriate to decorate small rooms. Nest tables, however, are perfect in these. Why? You can have them stacked so they do not steal a lot of room space in your day to day and use each and every one of the extended pieces when you have guests at home and need extra space to place drinks or trays with table

You can also use them in a large room to add dynamism to that area. How? Superimposing one on top of the other, playing with the many possibilities offered by each set. They will cover a lot of space, but they will give a unique touch to your room.Bedside table

Bedside table

Its scaled design and its set of heights make it an original alternative as a bedside table. They will allow you to break with the symmetry and offer you greater flexibility to configure the space. If you want to give a different touch to this area of the bedroom or lighten the weight of it, the nest tables are a good ally.Materials of nest tables

Materials of nest tables

The great prominence that these tables have acquired in the world of decoration makes it possible to find them in a great variety of materials and combinations of them. Each of them, will bring a unique style to the nested table and therefore, to the space to decorate.

  • Made of wood: The wooden nest tables will bring a warm and cozy touch to any corner. By choosing square or rectangular designs in dark tones you will achieve a more traditional atmosphere in your living room. On the contrary, betting on wooden tables of rounded and oval shapes in medium tones will give a point of modernity to this.
  • Metallic: The metallic nest tables are the favorites to decorate industrial spaces; especially those made with metal grid or aged finish.
  • Crystal: The glass brings an undeniable classic touch to these tables. Especially when we combine this material with a metallic structure in bronze or gold tones. They will fit perfectly into sophisticated rooms in dark tones.
  • Marble: A marble surface is another way to bring a classic touch, but also sophisticated to these nesting tables. Tables that will fit perfectly in a sober and elegant white room that you can use to draw attention to a particular corner.

Of methacrylate. If you are looking for a contemporary and light element with which to decorate the living room, some methacrylate tables can be the answer. Choose them transparent for the smallest spaces and dare with bright colors to make the coffee table the protagonists of your living room.

As you can see, there are many design possibilities for these tables. Choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs. And do not be afraid to try nesting tables with different shapes… The result will surprise you!

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