New uses for magnetic knife holder


The magnetic supports are a great ally to organize our knives and prevent them from being damaged. They allow us to have working knives at hand while cooking, saving space in our drawers and clearing the countertops; an essential feature in small kitchens.

Easy to install and relatively inexpensive, the magnetic knife holder is one of those accessories that makes life in the kitchen easier and could help us organize as many rooms. Because if we do not think of this accessory as a knife holder, it is still a magnetic bar with many utilities.

5 uses for magnetic knife bars

If we think of them as a magnetic bar, we will come up with many other uses. If we hang knives on them, why don’t we hang other tools like scissors or brushes in the same way? There are many new uses we can give to magnetic knife bars, take note!

1. Key chain. Do you waste time every morning looking for house keys? Do the keys accumulate at home in a bottomless drawer? A magnetic knife holder can become a great ally to organize the keys of the whole family, placed in the hall or the kitchen. You can even leave important notes to leave nothing using a magnet for it.Porta photos

2. Portal photos. Magnetic knife bars are also a great support to expose our favorite photos and decorate any corner of the bedroom. You can also use them to create inspirational murals in your study or work area.Organizer tools

3. Organizer tools. Are you a creative person? Do you like to paint or does stationery work? Have you turned the garage into a DIY workshop? The magnetic supports can support brushes, wrenches, scissors … As long as the strength of the magnetic bar is capable of supporting its weight, of course!

4. Forks, tweezers and scissors in order. When small accessories such as hairpins, tweezers, scissors, files and nail clippers are at ease in the bathroom drawers, they end up becoming chaos in which it is difficult to find anything. In order to put an order in them, we can use boxes, separators or magnetic supports to which these small accessories will adhere.Children's room

5. Children’s room if your child likes to play with cars or paint, you can reuse magnetic media. You can use them to organize cars or paintings; they will be practical and also decorate the habituation.

Where to buy them?

You can buy them in any household or large surface household store; It is not difficult to find them. And you will not find it difficult to adapt them to your needs since they are presented in different lengths between 33 and 55 cm and with different finishes. Stainless steel, black polyester or wood, which one is your favorite?

In Amazon and Ikea, you will find different designs at really cheap prices. The ones we show you of the Coninx, Lacor, Ikea and BelleJoomu brands range between € 10 and € 19. Cheap if we consider all the utilities you have, right?

Do it yourself!

With all the options on the market to manufacture our own support? By making it yourself you can customize both the dimensions and the finish to adapt it to any corner of the house. Because we are not going to deny it; as for finishes, the supports are very limited.

Making magnetic support is not complicated, anyone can do it! But for this, you will need to buy some materials and have the help of certain tools, such as a drill and a jigsaw or hand saw, among others.

In Hunker you will find a very complete tutorial to manufacture one step by step, with all the images you may need to not get lost in a single step. Being wooden, you can also give it the desired finish, varnishing it or why not, painting it in bright colors.

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