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If you have a large or medium library in your home for sure, sometimes you have a hard time trying to give the order to such a book together. If you are mine, I’m sure you’ve risen yourself on some occasion what the best method to organize this will be. Well, in our article on decoration today, we are going to give you a series of options to order your library depending on several factors.

You will only have to search and adjust to the option that is most simple for you and also more effective for this organization.

Theme and gender

If you have books of various themes and genres (essays, poetry, narrative, biographies, etc.) as happens for example in my case, one of the best options for ordering is by theme and gender. It is a good technique because when you go to find a book, in particular, to know what gender it is, just go to the shelves dedicated to that genre.

However, if what you are looking for is a visually more organized type of organization, perhaps this is not the most appropriate option.

Size and color

For those obsessed with the order and for those who most uncomfortable is a visually disorganized organization this may be the best way to order a bookstore: by size and color.

A fairly ordered and balanced option for what decoration is merely referred to but then when searching and finding a book can be real chaos.Author's

Author’s last name

It is one of my favorite methods when it comes to ordering the books I have. For those people who usually buy several books from their favorite authors, it is a good form of organization since at a single glance you can locate each and every one of the copies you have of that same writer.

It is the option that I would most recommend, without a doubt.

For the reading order

For those who care most about reading these particular books and seeing the progress they have each year, this method of organization would be ideal for them. It would be an ordering system that would be constantly renewed depending on the number of books that we read each month, each year, etc.

It is a system of ordination that I would recommend especially to adolescents who are just beginning to take an interest in reading and literature in general. See what books and in what quantities have been read during a certain period of time can encourage more reading.

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