Original and economic ideas to decorate the house with tires


Did you know that you can reuse old tires to decorate your home? You are right! And, the truth is that the result that remains is fantastic! Every time there are more people who dare to try the recycled decoration and it is a type of decoration that allows you to float your creativity and, best of all, without spending hardly money!

Therefore, in this article, we will discover original and economical ideas to decorate the house with tires and improve any corner of your home. Prepared? We start!

4 easy decorating ideas with tires

To be able to decorate with tires you will need to gather some old tires that you no longer use or that are damaged. We do not need that they work well but, simply, we will need their form and material to be able to make our creations.

Once you know that the time has come to change the tires of your car, you should know that there are many ideas to decorate your home with tires and get original corners; however, here we leave the ones that have most struck us for their originality and its simplicity when creating them.

1. Side tables with old tires

We started with one of the best creations to do with tires. It is a simple coffee table that can be placed in the living room and give a different touch to any corner. To make this craft with tires, we will only need these materials:

  • 2 or 3 tires (depending on the height we want the table to have)
  • Mirror, glass or wood that serves as a cover to cover the hole in the tires
  • Color spray (if we want to give it a different touch)

To make this table, you just have to stack the tires one on top of the other and, at the top, but what we use as a lid. If you want to be a better subject, you can nail them to each other but, due to the type of material and what comes to weigh, it will be difficult to disassemble the table.

2. Original flowerpots with used tires

One of the best ways to recycle tires is to use it as original planters that can be placed in your garden, terrace or balcony. You can hang them on the wall when you have to change a pot plant or, also, stack them on the ground and in the hole you have inside, put the plants or flowers you want to place.

In addition, if you want to give a more cheerful and festive touch nothing better to paint them with bright colors or make different drawings that will make it fully suited to the aesthetics of your terrace. A great idea for your plants to be showier!

3. Make a pouf with tires

If you want more ideas to decorate the house with tires you have to know that they can also be used to create original poufs that, besides, will be very comfortable. In addition, this craft is very easy to do and, for this, we only recommend that you have the following:

  • 2 or 3 tires
  • Lycra rope

Cushion to cover the hole (optional)

Once you have all these materials, what you will have to do is the place the tires stacked on top of each other and then join them with the Lycra rope. This form of the union will also ensure that you do not see that they are tires and that you get original and super comfortable furniture.

In the area of the hole, you can place a cushion or, also, leave it hollow so that when sitting you are more comfortable. As you prefer! A simple craft to make and with which you will get a new piece of furniture in your living room. Great, right?

4. Buckets to separate garbage

You can also create original garbage cans that will help you to separate the waste properly in your home and recycle the household waste correctly. The tires, due to their shape, allow you to create objects where you can put and store anything and the recycling of garbage is one of the best and most ecological options that you have at your disposal.

For this, you only have to have 3 or 4 tires and stack them on top of each other. Inside the hole, you will have to place a large bag of garbage and simply store the waste that you are accumulating. In addition, to get more easily recycled, you can always paint the tires with the colors of the containers: blue, green and yellow.

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