Original bed headboards


If you want ideas of original bed headboards, you are in the right place. Because every corner of our house must be dressed at our whim and style. Hence, one of the main parts of the bedroom are also the headboards. An area that gives us many ideas.

Because every time there are usually more bed styles without this part added. So, that always allows us to show off our great imagination. If you are furnishing your bedroom or, if you want to add a new style, you should take into account the proposals that we show you, because they are well worth it.

Original and flower bed headboards

Flowers are always one of those prints that usually like a lot. Therefore, I could not miss in a place as special as the bedroom. It is also combined with one of the styles that always triumphs among the headboards. Those who are quilted usually star in this part of the room. Although the most classic or typical idea is the one that allows us to see a solid color within the basic or neutral, because they combine much better. Of course, in this case, the print seems to also highlight the other decoration.

Headboards with positive phrases

In this case, we have several options. On the one hand, the phrases that can be stuck to the wall as vinyl or stickers. But on the other, you can also make a headboard with a series of wooden boards and add the phrase in them. The options are very varied, but of course, it is always the most original.

The best thing is that the phrase gives us a little encouragement, since it may be the last thing we see at night and first, every morning.

Headboards with shelves

Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to take advantage of space is this. A series of holes or shelves in the upper part of the bed are always perfect. By in them, we can place those books that we always read before sleeping or, a series of lamps and ornaments. It is another of the ideas that are also often seen and that is something very original.

Rustic and recycled headboards

In this field of original, rustic and recycled bed headboards, we have many ideas. The truth is that having a series of woods or pallets, we will have a part done. As we all know, wooden pallets can always be recycled to make our own furniture. Now you can use it as a headboard, decorate it with the paint that matches your decoration, or add a garland of lights to give it the most minimalist touch. In the same way, you can also choose old doors or wooden windows. Although it may seem strange, they tend to look pretty.

Headboards with vinyl

Before we talked about the specific phrases and now, we let ourselves be led to a slightly broader option. Vinyl is a great help when we want to decorate small spaces. In addition, there are many ways, so we will have trouble finding the one that suits our taste. Silhouettes, landscapes, letters and even famous people, the vinyl give us a great idea.

Headboard in the form of a mural

Sometimes it does not mean that we talk about a small area on top of the bed, but it can cover the entire wall. Yes, because if originality is present, it will be even more so. Therefore, you can choose a mural to occupy this main wall. They are easy to find and you will also have the most varied themes. Perhaps, the most requested for a place like this one is the real ones and that leaves us both the ‘skyline’ of a city and the beauty of a very natural landscape. What do you think of these original headboards?

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