Original Christmas trees to decorate your home


It’s time to start thinking, if we have not done it yet, in those little details that will give our home a Christmas touch. It may seem very early yet, but if we look for original ideas that we can shape are our own hands this is the time to get going.

We can not “work” for you, but you can propose creative ideas that inspire you. If you are tired of traditional trees, you are looking for ideas with which to surprise your family or commercial options due to lack of space or distribution problems do not fit in your space, the Christmas trees that we propose today can become a great alternative.

Flat Christmas trees to save space

Does the Christmas tree seem to bother you to put where you put it? If the lack of space is a problem, a Christmas tree stamped on a paper or cloth holder can “save your life”. It is also an original and clean alternative for which you only need to find a photograph or illustration that you like. Once chosen, you will only have to find the right place to transfer it to the desired support. Easy, right? Once hung on the wall you can decorate it with paper balls.decorate

What if you paint them yourself?

If you are a creative and skillful person drawing you can create custom designs. You will enjoy the creation process and you will save a little money. You can paint the tree on paper, cardboard, fabric or on the same wall. Yes, you heard right, on the wall. It is riskier but there are those who dare using slate paint or washable markers.

Original Christmas trees made with photos

We remain committed to saving space. This time we will use the wall as a support to create a Christmas tree of photographs. You can use an image of a tree to create a beautiful collage or capture your memories of the last year in small photographs. Based on black and white modern and current sets are achieved.

Nordic style wood trees

Applying a concrete decorative trend in Christmas decoration is a good way to achieve coherence in different environments. If you identify with the simplicity, warmth, and luminosity of the Nordic style, you can use wood to create designs with refined lines like the ones we propose. A few tables, a jigsaw, and a little tail are all you need to start working.

With mobile elements

Without leaving the same idea and using wood as a material, we can create original designs inspired by the mobiles that we use to hang over the cribs of the little ones. This type of Christmas tree maintains a perfect balance between the structure and the ornaments. The structure is less visually heavy than in the previous examples and also less rigid.

The designs made with wooden sticks are very simple. No space tool is needed to build them; it is enough to have sticks of different sizes and rope to join them. Then you can decorate them with traditional ornaments or innovate.

Original organic Christmas trees

With natural elements, we can create original Christmas trees. Some pine branches, for example, stapled on twigs or wooden boards turn into a modern Christmas tree as we see in the central image. We can also create similar effects with other plants and flowers. We will have to bear in mind that despite being original, these trees have an expiration date and that the elements will have to be replaced as they wilt.

Christmas trees with everyday elements

Think you have at home that could help you create an original Christmas tree. Some books, some cookie cutters, some cups or even Christmas gifts can become the main characters of your design. We show you some examples and we invite you to be creative!

There are many ways to create original Christmas trees to decorate our home. The network is in itself a source of inspiration and specific pages such as Pinterest become a great ally when it comes to awakening our creativity. If our examples are not enough, you know where to keep looking.

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