Original decoration for Christmas trees


Original decoration. Christmas began to be felt a few weeks ago, although it is not until this weekend when many of us will put our batteries and begin to carefully decorate our home to give it a festive atmosphere. By tradition this bridge is chosen by many to place the Christmas tree, are we wrong?

A few months ago we proposed alternatives to those who do not wish to settle for the classic Christmas tree this year. Today we do not go that far, but we propose ideas to create an original decoration for your classic Christmas tree. Awaken your creativity that is our goal.

Tired of decorating the Christmas tree in the same way year after year? We will help you to remedy it. Yes, this year! Why wait more? The decorations that we propose for your Christmas tree will help you to break with the traditional.

Balls yes, but original

The balls are the most popular decoration when it comes to decorating the Christmas tree. And we do not have to renounce them to achieve an original decoration for our tree. Buy transparent balls and fill them with original elements can become an amazing Christmas DIY.

What can you fill? You can fill them with natural elements such as leaves of trees or moss, if you are looking for an organic decoration. You can also add color and shine to the tree by filling them with confetti, mini pompoms, and glitter or chocolate noodles, among others.

Wooden balls

What if you replace traditional balls with wooden balls? Using natural wood balls to create simple decorations like the ones we propose, the tree will look like it was taken from a Scandinavian style decoration editorial. But you can also bet on the color to achieve a more striking, youthful and modern effect.

Ornaments with coffee capsules

Are you looking for ideas with recycled elements? Do you consume coffee capsules? If so, collect, empty and clean these after using them. It is very easy to create original ornaments for Christmas trees with them. You can incorporate beading, bows or original decorations into the design to give them a fun touch. Do not you find cupcake-shaped ornaments fun?

And not only you can use them to create ornaments like the ones we show you, you can also create with them garlands of lights to give an original touch to the decoration of your tree. Use capsules of different colors if you want a fun decoration and limit yourself to black and white and look for a more minimalist style.

Made with paper

How are you given the origami? Colored papers, scissors, a bar of cola and a lot of creativity is all you need to create original paper ornaments for the tree. You can use different techniques using different templates and tutorials that you will find on the net. Or you can throw imagination and create own and personal designs. As important as the design will be the choice of paper, keep this in mind!

Ornaments with everyday elements

Surely you have a thousand things at home that you can use to create an original decoration for the tree. You probably can not think of anything at this moment, do not worry. That’s what we are for, to give you ideas? Do you have straws? Clothespins? Bottle plates? Cinnamon sticks? Oranges?

Each of the elements we have mentioned can become raw material to create beautiful ornaments. The pom-poms made with colored straws are very original and ideal if you have children at home they will love it! With the tweezers you will get an effect similar to that achieved with wooden balls.

And what do you think of the ornaments made with cinnamon sticks or dried fruits? They are more traditional but we can modernize those using colored ribbons to hang them. Beyond impregnating the atmosphere of fantastic aromas, they will bring flavor to the home.

There are many ways to create an original decoration for the Christmas tree as you have seen. And you are still in time to get down working to create any of them. Do you have your favorite?

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