Original headboards to dress the bedroom


The headboards can transform the appearance of an entire bedroom. A few months ago we showed you doing a review of the different proposals available in the market, from the most classic in forging, to the most current made with vegetable fibers or adhesive materials. Do you remember it?

After that extensive review, today we focus our efforts to find original headboards with which to transform the bedroom and bring a lot of personality to it. Headboards that you can buy or create yourself so that your bed does not resemble any other.

What do we usually notice when we enter a bedroom for the first time? In bed will have been the answer of most of you, are we wrong? Both the headboard and the bedding have a great influence on the perception of space. If you want to show your individuality through these elements, the following headboards can help you achieve it.

Painted headboards

Painting invites us to be creative, but it does not need to be creative to create original geometric shapes on the wall that frame the bed. The adhesive tapes will help you to delimit the area that you are going to paint and then you will only have to choose the color or the right colors to achieve jobs like the ones shown below.

You have the possibility of turning it into a personal project, saving you a good pinch in your purchase. In addition, this type of headboard will not steal useful space and therefore will become a great alternative to transform in a simple way small bedrooms.

Adhesive headboards

Like the previous ones, the decorative vinyl headboards will not make you lose an inch of useful space in the bedroom. In addition to the previous ones, these adhesive heads have a great advantage: it is easy and clean to work with them. And they are reversible! You can replace them with others without the wall suffering any “damage”.

The wide variety of decorative vinyl that you can find in the market will also allow you to customize the room. The simplest vinyl that imitates the old forge headboards are our favorites; they do not recharge the space or limit us when choosing other elements of the bedroom.

The children and youth bedrooms are an exception. There are colorful designs that on a white wall can brighten up the bedroom and help to awaken the imagination of the little ones. The idea is to limit the non-neutral colors in the bedroom to 3, so we will only have to use the same colors of the decorative vinyl in other decorative elements if we do not want to recharge the room.

Headboards with recycled doors and windows

Do you like to visit thrift stores? Do you enjoy restoring furniture and giving them a second chance? If so, the idea of building original headboards with recycled doors, windows or shutters will probably attract your attention. It’s a perfect project for next winter, do not you think? You will print a lot of character to your bedroom.

Headboards that talk about you

What do you like to do in your free time? Do you practice any sport? The headboards can talk about you, your passions, if you build them with everyday items such as oars, scooters, books, vinyl records or large photographs. You will not find a more personal proposal than this one.

DIY headboards with textile fibers and ropes

We continue thinking of original headboards that you can make yourself, in this case using ropes or braided textile fibers as raw material. And as important as this will be the support you use: wooden frames, perforated panels or carpet mesh… Once you have everything you need creativity will be the key to the project.

Natural headboards

They are not headboards to use. I do not even know if we can call them headers. What there is no doubt is its ability to draw attention to the area that would occupy the headboard. Green plants become a great ally to give a natural touch to our bedroom and this is an original way of doing it.

The idea of using twigs as the support on which to hang or on which to place some green leaves we love. The only but it is the assiduity with which we will have to change these green leaves if we want it to look fresh. Do you prefer a more traditional proposal? A ledge and a set of hanging plants or vines are also a great option.

These original headboards will attract all eyes turning into protagonists of your bedroom. What idea has called your attention the most?

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