Original ideas to decorate the hall according to Ikea


As we know, decorating the hall is another key point to consider. More than anything because it is said that the entrance of a home can always give a clue as to what we will find in it. That is why you have to be very meticulous to be able to add all the style in this place, but without being overloaded or sober.

We need to follow a series of steps in order to reach the one we really like. That is why Ikea leaves behind all preconceived ideas we had to decorate the hall and bet on the touch most exclusive and unique. Do not miss this selection of ideas, both broader and smaller houses!

The hall closet

If we have a narrow corridor, as soon as we enter our home, it is a good time to decorate it as we can. Maybe we will not always find the right furniture for a smaller space. But it will not be impossible either. Since in Ikea, decorating the hall has been imposed as something basic and simpler than we think. In this case, we will choose furniture on both sides and white to provide light.

A cabinet with two doors as a closet, which will be embedded in the wall. In this way, we know that we are making the most of the space. On the other side of this corridor, we will have a kind of holes for boxes or, for drawers, according to your taste as well as your style. So that everything is well embedded in the wall providing more space but also elegance.

Narrow furniture for the entrance

There are many narrow entrances we have in homes. Hence, firms like Ikea always have options for them. In this case, everything is more discovered as it is a succession of hangers to hang and leave in sight the coats, bags or other accessories that we usually use every day. It is a very practical way to have them at the right time and without having to look for them for minutes.decorate the hall

Under the hangers, we will place a series of shelves as banks that will always provide the most creative and comfortable ideas. That is why again, the open space will give way to we can place the shoes or, some boxes with smaller details but also necessary. Yes, it is a perfect way to obtain extra storage, which we always need in each and every one of the homes. That is why decorating the receivers with Ikea are usually practical but at the same time original ideas.

Open closet as a hall

In a somewhat similar way, we find this new option. The furniture that we thought of as receivers have changed slightly. In this case, we have again a closet but open in all its parts. So that there is a low part to be able to place some storage boxes and then a large space for coats and long garments. Thanks to being compact, you will always have the opposite part to continue adorning as you like.

Decorate the receivers in a simple way

Simplicity must always be present in this type of decorations. Because it will be the best prelude to welcome. That is why you can always bet on a new wardrobe or a low cabinet, which in this case are closed with their respective doors. Coat racks are another element that we can not forget when it comes to decorating the hall. What do you think of these ideas?

Decorate the hall with a shoe rack for entry

If we have a coat rack for outerwear, it is clear that on the other hand also the shoemaker is essential. This will be linked to the style you want to give your home. Because also in this type of furniture we will have a wide variety of options. In this case, Ikea bets on the open, leaving all pairs of shoes to light. Which would be your favorite?

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