Original nativity scenes to celebrate Christmas


Original nativity scenes. Tired of the classic proposals to decorate your house at Christmas? Bored of putting year after year of placing the same plastic or ceramic figurines that complete your Bethlehem? If this year you want to bring an original touch to the decoration without losing the essence of traditional Christmas, we invite you to make your own Bethlehem.

You can create original nativity scenes like the ones we propose today with your own hands. In addition to making or having a good time with your family, these nativity scenes far from the standard ones will bring personality to the hall, the living room or the room where you finally decide to place them.

Original Cribs of corks

Recycling the corks from the wine bottles to create a nativity scene is one of the most original ideas of how many we have found. An economical and easy to work alternative in which we can involve the smallest in the house. We will only have to shape the heads and join them with sticks to the corresponding body. From there, it will be enough to let ourselves is carried away by our creativity.

Nativity scenes with matchboxes

Also economical is the idea of using a box of matches to create each of the figures of the Bethlehem. And very simple since you can use templates to do it. Much more personal will be the result, however, if from those templates you create your own designs, do not you think? Once designed, it will be enough to color them and stick them on the matchbox.

Both this and the previous Bethlehem have several advantages, beyond the economic results. Both occupy little space and weigh little. Keeping them from one year to the next in a tin box will be very easy for you.

Paper cribs

We have used paper to create the original Bethlehem with matchboxes, but that is by no means the only way to use paper for that purpose. You probably do not master the technique of origami, are we wrong? Quiet, it is not essential to master it to create beautiful nativity scenes like the ones you see in the following image. There are numerous online tutorials and templates from which you can start. And if you are looking for something simpler, draw the figures on paper and cut them out as if they were dealt with cards, is a very good option.

Nativity scenes

Do you know how to work wood? There is no need to resort to recycled materials to create original nativity scenes. Create small figures with rounded shapes and decorate them with soft tones to create cribs in a minimalist style. Or bet on flat figures and intense color nuances to achieve more fun results.

Crochet cribs

Do you drive with the needles? Crochet is a technique that has been reinforced in recent years. Many people have been attracted by the practice that is to make both clothing and accessories for the home or dolls for the little ones. And if you can create beautiful dolls with this technique, why not Belen figurines?

Biscuits and jellybeans

Another hobby that you can take advantage of when creating original nativity scenes is your love of cooking. Decorated cookie cribs are a great alternative to give an original touch to our home this Christmas. And we can not only create figurines with cookie dough, but we can also make them with jelly beans. Of course, the temptation will be great and some may fail before picking it up.

Either by the use of the materials used, by the decoration of the figures or by the way of representing the Birth they have, the proposed nativity scenes are different and original. They will also have more value than any you can buy; the value of what is worked by hand, of what is done by oneself.

They are also projects in which you can involve the whole family. Now that time does not allow us to enjoy so many outdoor activities, creating cribs like these can be an alternative entertainment, especially if we have kids to entertain. Will you encourage yourself to create your own for this Christmas?

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