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Using pallet is a simple and very economical way to decorate and personalize spaces, both indoors and outdoors. A few years ago they appeared timidly in the world of interior designs and today they appear in numerous magazines as a decorative trend.

There are many uses that can be given to pallets in the home. One of the most interesting is probably the creation of pieces of furniture: tables, beds, shelves, sofas… If you are looking for a sustainable way to decorate your living room or terrace, the pallet sofas become a great alternative.

Advantages of pallet sofas

The modular nature of the pallets and the ease with which they can be manipulated allow us to take advantage of every corner of the house. Using pallets as a base, it is easy to adapt the design of the sofa to the space we want to furnish without losing a centimeter of usable space.

The wood of the pallets brings warmth and an undeniable rustic aspect to this furniture. However, we can achieve different results with them paying attention to the finishes. Getting a sofa with formal pallets is possible. But also it is to achieve a minimalist, relaxed or fun style thanks to the infinite possibilities of personalization.

The pallet sofas also allow us to change the image of the space they occupy easily. By changing the textiles that we incorporate into the design we can adapt the design to a new station following the latest trends. Transforming a room has never been so easy.

Sofas with pallets for interior

The pallet sofas are gaining prominence inside our homes. They are a great alternative for those who seek to create relaxed stays. However, to think that they can only be part of relaxed stays with a chill out environment is a very common mistake.

There are many factors that will influence the aesthetics of the pallet sofa. The finish of the wood, the height of the sofa, the existence or non-existence of backing, the choice of textiles will be decisive when classifying a sofa as formal or informal, among other classifications.

Beyond aesthetics, the design of the sofa will also determine its greater or lesser functionality. The hollows of the pallets can be used as a storage system to place books, magazines … In the same way, to extend the structure with respect to textiles, you can provide us with a very practical table to organize magazines or place the teacup if we do not have a table auxiliary nearby.

Another option we have to make these sofas more functional is to include wheels, which allow us to move the sofas where it is more convenient or simply move them to be able to clean the floor with comfort.

Sofas with pallets for outdoor spaces

The sofas with pallets also decorate balconies, terraces and other outdoor spaces, providing us during the summer months an outdoor space to relax. The design of these sofas does not vary with that of the interior sofas, but it must be taken into account at the time of making them an extra matter.

To make outdoor sofas it is advisable to choose pallets made of hardwoods such as pine wood or larch wood, which withstand the conditions of external temperature and humidity. It is also convenient to treat the wood with oils, varnishes or paints that help us achieve an extra layer of protection.

How to dress a pallet sofa?

Essentials are accessories such as mats and pads. In addition to making the sofa more comfortable, they will help us to give it the desired look. The combination of textiles and accessories will be key to personalize the sofa and capture our own personality in it.

The pallet sofas become a blank canvas that allows us to play with different textures, patterns, and colors. Combining textiles in neutral colors such as crude and beige is always a great alternative to decorate warm spaces. Gray mattresses and cushions in acid tones can become a great combination to give the room a sophisticated and modern touch.

If we seek to create a familiar and relaxed space, pastel colors can be very helpful. On the contrary, intense colors like fuchsia, green or yellow will help us to give life to creative or children’s spaces.

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