Plastic boxes a practical storage solution


Do not know where to store summer clothes until next year or the sports equipment that children use weekly? Do you have trouble maintaining order in the bathroom or in the pantry? The Plastic boxes allow you to store everything from office supplies to gardening tools.

The boxes have become a great ally to give a place to everything and thus keep organized each of the rooms of our home. The plastic boxes are one of the most popular because of the great variety of alternatives that exist and the possibility of choosing a transparent one that allows us to quickly see what is inside.

The plastic boxes will allow you to find a suitable place for everything and will maximize your storage space at home. You will find boxes with integrated lid closure and open, so you can choose the most practical version for every need. Also, you can choose between transparent and opaque versions in a wide variety of colors, to make sure they fit where you want to put them.

Transparent boxes with Lid

The transparent boxes with lid are ideal for storing sports equipment, gardening tools, cleaning products, clothing and shoes out of season. Things that you do not use every day and that you tend to store in the garage, the cabin or the upper part of the cabinets.

In these places where we have more than one, two and three boxes stacked, using transparent plastic boxes, you can quickly find what you need. The closure with the lid will also protect the contents of dust and dirt, preventing it from spoiling.

Stackable opaque boxes

Opaque boxes are ideal for organizing desk items, electronic accessories, tools… Visually the garage or storage room is more organized with this type of box but they do not allow us to see its content, so it is essential to label them if we do not want to waste time looking for what we want.

In a creative studio or office, this type of box can be very useful to store everything you do not want to see. The most practical boxes are stackable, boxes of different sizes designed to fit together. When they are visible on open shelves, they give a sense of order.

You can also use this type of box outdoors. There are stacking waterproof designs on the market to withstand the inclement weather and prevent stacked boxes from losing stability. They are also very resistant, so they are ideal for storing large and heavy objects, such as tools, cleaning products or garden.

Open boxes

Not always the boxes with lid turn out to be the most practical. The open storage boxes are the preferred ones when you store and organize the toys, the toilet products of the bathroom or the preserves of the pantry. Why? Because they are products that continuously enter and leave them.

The Ikea Trofast system is probably one of the most popular for organizing toys in the children’s bedroom. The idea is simple: a wooden structure with many grooves so you can place the boxes where you prefer and you can easily change them whenever you want. The result, a practical and fun storage for children to store and remove their things. Another practical option for the little ones is the boxes with wheels; a less organized but equally practical system if many things do not accumulate.

But not all open boxes are focused on children. The white boxes with handles are very popular in pantries and bathrooms to organize food and hygiene products respectively.

The plastic boxes provide us with an easy way to keep our home organized and organized. The variety of sizes, colors, and design also allows us to adapt it to any need and space. Do you also use plastic boxes in your home?

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