Practical ideas for decorating with recycled cans


Recycling is a very effective way to collaborate with the environment. In this way, we do not have to spend so many natural resources. But another way to collaborate with the environment is with reuse. One of the most fun ways to recycle is to give new use to what we are going to throw away. And precisely one of the materials in question is the cans prepared to be recycled.

Practical ideas for decorating with recycled cans

These practical ideas to decorate with recycled cans do not consist of placing them in a corner or placing them randomly on a shelf. When we want to do something creative, we make the product, transform completely. That is why the art of decorating with cans is going to be a challenge. But it will be worth it.

Give a new life to the recycled cans that you have at home and use them to make your own crafts. Do not wait any longer and discover 5 great ideas with recycled cans to decorate and dare to put them into practice.

Practical ideas for decorating with recycled cans

1- If we join a few cans of the same size and shape and join them with the help of a little hot silicone, we will have a perfect structure to store our plants. Paint it with an aquamarine color to make it more striking or on the contrary with a gray color.recycled cans

2- The second option helps us to create small hanging gardens with recycled cans. We can decorate the porch of our house or our garden with these cans. We can plant flowers, plants, in addition, spices. Everything that occurs to us, as long as it fits in the can, is worth it.recycled cans

3- A very creative way to have all your school supplies well collected. Everything together, but ordered. We can give our personal touch, painting and decorating the recycled cans to keep all our pencils, rules and colors.

4- Another option to decorate with cans is to create a centerpiece. Inside we will place the recycled can and then we will add the flowers. The final result will be achieved by covering it with a small wooden box prepared for its size.

5- We are going to create a candle holder, giving round to the can. To do this, we will rinse the edges of the can well; we will clean it and cover it with a warm and soft cloth. We will place inside it a big candle and we will get a romantic and very simple touch when recycling the can.recycled cans

6- If you want a more original touch when decorating with cans, you only have to perforate them with the help of a spin. In this case, together with a piece of wood, you can create your own lamp and then paint it pastel.recycled cans

What do you think of these ideas to decorate with recycled cans? Surely you did not expect that the cans would get so much eye candy, or that they could become so original. We hope you have enjoyed this post and do not forget to share your ideas with us.

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