Recycle glass bottles and decorate your home!


Do you like to drink wine at meals? Do you consume soft drinks? Do you use natural oils? Then, you probably have some glass bottle at home, even some empty one. If your intention is to throw it away, do not do it! Wait to see all our ideas to recycle them and then, decide!

There are many ways to recycle a glass bottle. The most popular are transformed into vases or chandeliers to decorate the surfaces of dressers, tables or shelves. But it is not the only use we can give them. They can have a second life as lamps, terrariums, picture frames…

Decorate with glass bottles

Do not throw glass bottles! Do not do it until you have seen all our ideas to give them a second life. If after you do not want to turn them into a vase, candelabra or lamp, among other decorative elements that we show you, then yes, you have our permission to do bottles

Glass bottles as a vase

We do not have to do anything to use the glass bottles as a vase. Fill them with water and put some cut flowers is all we have to make color to any color. From the smallest to the largest, all it’s susceptible to be used for that purpose. And they are both in its original and decorated version.

Natural: If you are looking for a simple and natural finish, do not do anything! You will only have to clean the bottle and introduce some wildflowers into it. Placed on the table of the kitchen, the auxiliary table of the living room, the ledge of the window or the furniture of the entrance, will bring freshness and color to your home. And better if you’re not alone; better two than one and three than two.

Painted: If you are creative and you enjoy working with your hands, the idea of painting the bottles will probably be attractive to you. A coat of paint will allow you to customize the bottle, providing a finish that matches the rest of the decoration or simply, you like

Other trend finishes: Concrete has acquired a major role in our homes; hence covering the glass bottle with this material has been interesting. Although no more interesting than covering them with sand; the finish will be similar and the work to be done much simpler. And next to the previous techniques, a third one also takes relevance: the decoupage. A technique that will allow you to give the bottle a vintage look.

Glass bottles as a candelabrum

Are you going to have guests at home and want to give a special touch to the table? Would you like to enjoy a more intimate atmosphere in the living room or in the bedroom? Wine bottles can be easily converted into original candlesticks. They have a suitable neck to support candles and sufficient height to rise above other decorative elements.crystal-chandelier

The chandeliers with glass bottles have been and are protagonists of numerous decoration editorials. Those with branches of aromatic plants inside are probably the most striking. We have also looked at those with the base trimmed and painted black for their elegance.

Other decorative accessories

There are so many possibilities to work with glass bottles that it is impossible to collect them all in one single entry. We have limited ourselves, therefore, to gather the ones we think are the most simple and interesting. Do not you think that the rack of the first image is a fantastic accessory to decorate a hall? Ideal for hanging the hat or scarf and at the same time add color to the entrance.decorate

Another very interesting accessory that you can create from a glass bottle is a lamp. Some wood slats, a bottle with the base trimmed and some electrical components are all you need to shape it. It will be perfect in industrial or rustic style environments.

Do not you dare with the previous ideas? Are you looking for something simpler? Converting glass bottles into picture frames is to sew and sing. And if you like plants, you can always create a small terrarium from them to decorate the bedroom, for example.

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