Renew the decoration with adhesive paper for furniture


Has your furniture become outdated? The adhesive paper for furniture is a great ally when it comes to renovating kitchen cabinets, sideboards, shelves or any furniture with straight lines.  Economical and easy to use are a great tool to redecorate our home.

In the market, it is possible to find very different adhesive papers that imitate very truthfully materials such as wood, marble or ceramics. And not only can you renovate your furniture with them; you can also use them on surfaces such as walls or floors.

What is an adhesive paper?

It is a self-adhesive material that adopts different colors, textures, and finishes. It can be glued to any smooth and clean surface without using any additional adhesive. This coupled with the possibility of removing them without leaving any trace on the surface makes them one of the most popular options today for small craftwork.

The roll is the most traditional format in which paper or adhesive vinyl is presented. However, today there is the possibility of choosing several meters to cut between different widths. A possibility that allows us to buy only the amount we need and that is, therefore, cheaper.

How do we work it?

It is very easy to work with paper for furniture. All we will need for this will be a cuter to cut it and any tool that helps you avoid bubbling during placement. The steps to line a surface would be the following:

Prepare the surface. In most cases, simply clean the furniture with cleaning alcohol. In the event that there is any blow or imperfection in addition. It will be necessary to putty and sand to hide such defects.

Cut the adhesive paper. Cutting the vinyl correctly is essential to achieve a good finish. For this, it is important to measure the surface well or align the vinyl with it and leaving a margin to cut it using a cutter and a ruler to obtain straight lines. The protective vinyl adhesive paper usually has grid lines that greatly facilitate this task, but using the rule is never too much.

Line the surface. To line the surface, you will have to spray it with water and a drop of the dishwasher in most cases. In this way, you can paste and peel it off easily to eliminate bubbles that may arise during placement.

Ideas to transform surfaces and furniture

There are many ways in which you can use adhesive paper to transform the decoration of a room. You can use it on floors, walls, doors, furniture, in each and every room of your house. Today there are vinyl’s very resistant to water, which makes them suitable also for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Here are some ideas:

Paper with the tile design in kitchens and bathrooms

Papers with design washable tiles from Loko Loko are perfect to change the appearance of the dashboard kitchen or bathroom furniture. You can stain them without fear and clean them later with regular products.

Wood finished a paper on tables and cabinets

Wood prints warmth to the spaces. Use adhesive paper for furniture with this finish to line the bedroom closet, living room dresser or kitchen table. Choose light colors if you want to achieve a Nordic and dark style environment if you are looking for a more rustic look.

Marble/cement paper on small surfaces/walls

Do you want to give a sophisticated touch to your bedroom? Choose papers with marble finish to line the desk or headboard. If you are looking for a more avant-garde and industrial environment, bet on cement finished papers; they are especially interesting to draw attention to a wall.

Patterned papers to cover comfortable and doors

Probably the most popular use of this type of papers is to cover comfortable and closet doors. With a single drawer lined with the patterned paper, you can change the appearance of the whole piece of furniture and make it look new. And the same goes for the doors, bored with being white and bland? Use patterned paper to change your appearance and that of the entire room.

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