Seven ideas to decorate a children’s room with cardboard boxes


Do you have accumulated a lot of cardboard boxes at home that you think will not work for you? Well, the time has come to give them a little life. With a dash of imagination and good taste. We will decorate with cardboard boxes the room of the smallest of the house.

Ideas to decorate a children’s room with cardboard boxes

Discover all these attractive ideas that you will find below and take note of the best inspiration for decorating a children’s room with the help of cardboard boxes.

1- A fairly simple, colorful and original idea is to take a small cardboard box and add colored pencils on all of its faces. You can perfectly use the traditional wax pencils of all the life or those of wood. In this way, you can decorate the children’s room with cardboard boxes in a beautiful and colorful way. In addition, they can even serve as a pen or to store other things.decorate a children's room

2- The shoe boxes can be a great option to decorate a children’s room with cardboard boxes. You can do it in many ways, but the idea we propose is to decorate these cardboard boxes with pieces of wrapping paper. If you have scraps of this paper and glue at home is a very fun and original task. cereal cardboard boxes

3- Do you have the typical cereal cardboard boxes at home? Well, once they are exhausted, they can be turned into fun briefcases for the little ones. It would be a very original way also to recycle and decorate the room with cardboard boxes. You can paste drawings made by you, cutouts, etc … and even put the handle with a ribbon or a string of colors.

4- Another original and fun idea to decorate through the cardboard would be to create frames for children’s drawings. At school, children often make their own drawings and creations. Surely they would be happy to hang them on the wall of their room. To do this, nothing better than making some cardboard frames, painted with bright colors, so you can see even more striking drawings in the form of a painting.

5- The cardboard boxes of the pizzas at home are also ideal to do many crafts. An original idea to decorate the room with cardboard boxes would be to create a mirror with a pizza box. We would decorate the box to our liking, with rolls of toilet paper as a frame, and placing a small mirror in the center to decorate the children’s room.lamp

6- Can you imagine a lamp for your children’s room made with cardboard boxes? Well, you can do it in many ways: you can cover the bulb with the back of the boxes, or a lamp made with packs of egg boxes, cutting each egg box in the form of a flower or lining the cardboard box with a paper gift to give it a more visual look. egg box packs

7- And, since we are talking about egg box packs. We can use them to decorate them with flowers and give our children’s room a different color. You just have to open the box, throw in some dirt and plant what you want. Soon you will get to decorate your room with cardboard boxes and you will enjoy a very natural environment.

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