Seven ideas to decorate with old suitcases that you will not miss


There is no better way to recycle the old suitcases than to use them as decorative elements in the home. Do you know the possibilities offered by old suitcases? You’d be surprised to know how much you can do to decorate with antiques for the many options they offer you. Old suitcases can have a second life. Do you want to know how to decorate with old suitcases? Keep reading!

Original ideas to decorate your home with old suitcases

A few tweaks here and some tweaks over there. The old suitcases that you have in your home will come back to life. They will have meaning again, they will have a use again. Here we propose a series of ideas to decorate your home with old suitcases that you will not miss. Take note:

1- One of the most common options is to use the old suitcases as a simple decorative element of a bedroom, using it as a table. The idea is to place two or three suitcases, one on top of the other, and at the top some vase or some pretty figure that is striking. Fast and easy!old suitcases

2- Another possibility is to use your old suitcases as a bedside table. Place a couple of suitcases on each side of the bed, and on top of it a resistant glass. It will allow you to place an infinity of things like lamps, books, flowers, frames with photographs, and much more. Is there a more original bedside table?old suitcases

3- If you prefer you can create your own vintage corner in any room of your home. Where you’re old suitcases with dried flowers and other elements rest on an old piece of furniture. What do you think about the idea?old suitcases

4- Shelves are very common in homes to place on them an infinity of objects or decoration elements, but why do not you leave aside the conventional shelves and decent for your old suitcases and make use of them as in the image? Ideal to decorate the room. Your visits will be very surprised!old suitcases

5- You should not rule out the possibility of creating a table for the living room or for the entrance of your home with your old suitcase. You only have to place 4 legs and place a plant, a photo or whatever you want on top. We recommend that you place a nice mirror on top, as the combination will be very attractive visually.

6- Lover of animals? If you have a cat or a dog at home, you can not ignore the idea of creating a beautiful and sturdy bed for your best friend. You only need half of the suitcase, put four low legs, soft and comfortable cushions inside in which your pet can fall whenever you want. Your hairy companion will be delighted!

7- In the case of having an old suitcase of small dimensions, we recommend that you place it in your bathroom as it appears in the image. A perfect idea to place and store part of your objects and beauty tools. In addition, to ensure greater functionality you can place a small mirror inside, and in the other part of the suitcase some old purses like pockets to store your things.old suitcases

Did you like these 7 ideas to decorate with old suitcases? Get to work and reuse the old suitcases that fall into your hands. Without a doubt, a beautiful and original way to decorate your home.

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