Shower curtains for a bathroom with style


Shower curtainsThe shower curtains are still one of the best options for our bathrooms. Although it is true that the screens are coming at your heels, these curtains have a very long route. Something that is always good to have and more, when it comes to the decoration of our home.

So if you were thinking about giving a new look to your bathroom, now you can do it in a very simple way. The shower curtains come stomping because they reinvent themselves little by little. Hence, we can choose between colors and prints of the most original. Which one do you prefer?

Striped patterned shower curtains

If there is a print that always triumphs, that is one of the stripes. Because in summer we are aware that the sailor stamp always triumphs as a trend. But the rest of the seasons are not far behind. We are not only talking about fashion but also about decoration. That is why our bathroom can be carried away by a trend like this. It is a series of curtains that are made of a very thick polyester fabric.

As we can see, Ikea has ideas for all tastes. We can always combine the colors of our bathroom with them. The patterned curtains are perfect to create a much more modern environment. From the color green to the always elegant combination of white and black, passing through a mixture of different colors. Only you have the last word!

Patterned shower curtains

Because H & M also has great ideas to decorate our home. In this case, the shower curtains do not lie. We can find them with very varied patterns. Here we are going to leave aside, the theme of the stripes, to focus on others that will also give a lot of play. The leopard print is always one of the most present styles for years. Now you can also give a feline look to your bathroom!

The floral prints also give us a good proof of the beauty they can bring to a place like this. With a white background and a combination of pink colors, it is always a perfect idea to give more decoration style. It must be said that also those of H & M are finished in polyester. From the flowers, we turn to the leaves and green hope that always combines with everything you want. Of course, the more ethnic touch can also be added with darker basic colors. Of course, remember that if your bathroom is small, then it is preferable to always opt for warmer and clearer tones.

Original curtains for your bathroom

The truth is that some of the previous ones were already quite original. But seeing these that Leroy Merlin leaves us, perhaps they will take the first prize to originality, always from the most current style. On the one hand, flamingos are always present. It is another of the basic prints that we are passionate about and now we can even see it in the bathroom. But we will not forget other animals like cats. If you love these pets, maybe their elegant combination in the shower curtains will make your bathroom look like another.

The simplicity of a curtain in white with a symbol that has great meaning, always says much more than we think. It is a feather that little by little let’s fly a series of birds in total freedom. We do not end without the words, because without them it would be a bit complicated for us to communicate. Although there are always other ways to get it. In this case, we are left with them and with the perfect decoration for our bathroom.

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