Six amazing ideas to decorating your home with dried flowers


Ideas for decorating your home with dried flowers. The flowers have been one of the main protagonists of the decoration of our house. And it is not for less, because decorating with flowers is one of the best ways to give our home color and a more personal style. However, within this theme, dry flowers are a great element that we can give a lot of play and instead we leave it in a second place.

Ideas for decorating your home with dried flowers

If you want to give greater prominence to each corner of your home and at the same time you would like to reconvert all rooms. Discover these inspiring ideas of decoration with dried flowers that you will find below:

1- In decoration stores, you can find many decorative dishes for all tastes that you can fill with dried flowers. Ideally, accompany them with other items such as pineapples. Slices of dried fruit, or even small pieces of tree bark or even cinnamon cane to release a delicious aroma.

2- If you are one of those people who are passionate about perfumes and proudly display them in your bathroom. There is no doubt that one way to make your presentation stand out is through the use of dried flowers. And more specifically dried leaves and flowers comminuted. You will bring to your bathroom a modern, modern look with a certain romantic touch.

3- Another interesting alternative to decorate your home with dried flowers is to create or acquire a garland or wreath of flowers and show it on one of the furniture in your home. Preferably low furniture such as a coffee table or a dining table for that looks better. It will undoubtedly be the perfect decorative element for the tables in your living room. Especially in the face of Christmas.

4- If you want to attract the attention of your guests and friends, there is no better method to take advantage of the dried flowers than by placing them in a transparent glass vase, and on each side placing a candle covered by a crystal, matching the vase. An elegant, fine idea that does not require a large financial outlay.

5- Vintage lovers will have it very easy with this idea since you will only have to place your dried flowers in an old-style vase and place. It on a vintage piece of furniture or suitcase. That easy!

6- Another possibility is that you choose a corner of your home. Either in the living room or dining room or in the kitchen, or wherever you want, and place a vase created with wooden strands and fill it with both dry flowers and feathers of birds that are striking, like those of the peacock. You can surround your vase with various fruits to bring a fresh and colorful touch.

What do you think of these 6 ideas to decorate your home with dried flowers? Do not hesitate to take note of these ideas and put them into practice. Your home will look different!

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