Six ideas to decorate with broken tiles


In recent seasons tile decoration has become a fad that is causing a furor. Why throw away the broken tiles when they are great allies for decoration lovers? The broken tiles to decorate can become real treasures to place in any corner and with which you will get to give your home all the personality you need to make you feel at home like never before.

Inspiration to decorate with broken tiles

If you have old mosaics at home and you have already decided to decorate with broken tiles to create your own spaces you have taken the best decision to give each room in your home a radical shift in style. Both indoors and outdoors of the house and garden.

First of all, if you do not know how to decorate with broken tiles it is essential to look for inspiration and see what others have done. Remember that before taking the first steps to decorate with broken tiles, and more specifically, if you want to create your own mosaics or drawings, it is important that you make the first design where it is reflected how you want your tiles to be to achieve the desired result. Do not wait any longer and take advantage of these inspiring ideas to decorate with broken tiles and start decorating your house like you never did before.

1- If you have a small wall in your house and want to decorate a wall, a good idea is to decorate it with broken tiles as shown in the image. Simple, easy and without complications. And if you had planned to make some reform, with this idea you will get to decorate the kitchen of your house with broken tiles and give it a much more elegant and vintage style. Interesting, right?broken tiles

2- Are you one of the people who like the most elaborate jobs? Then it is possible that this idea adapts much more to you. If you have small pieces of broken tiles take advantage to create a small table for the entrance of the house made with wooden pallets.

3- If what you are looking for is to create an absolute contrast in the decoration with broken glass for your house what you need are mosaics with different styles, drawings, and colors so that what stands out is the originality. No one will be indifferent to your creation. Your imagination to power!broken tiles

4- Do you have broken tiles with multiple shapes and colors? If you enjoy handicrafts and DIY, then do not rule out the possibility of creating a space that contrasts with the rest of the rooms and customizes it in detail, adding some books or even creating your own corner to read.broken tiles

5- If you prefer neutral tones and look for different drawings, you can achieve a beautiful result. There are really many combinations but if you’re looking to decorate the bathroom with broken tiles, maybe this option is the most correct if you’re looking for pure energy.broken tiles

6- You can not ignore the possibility of making your floor shine thanks to the broken tiles and tiles that you can combine is seen in this image. The final result will be achieved with some plants to give harmony to space. Pretty, right? Although it requires some patience, the end result can be truly amazing.broken tiles

Did you like these 6 original ideas to decorate with broken tiles? If you have a good amount of broken tiles in your possession. Do not hesitate to use them to decorate floors, walls, and walls of your home.

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