Six inspiring ideas to decorate with vases


The vases have always been and traditionally one of the most used resources in home decoration. It is true that as a general rule during Christmas and when dressing a table are a sure hit. But the truth is that it is an ideal decorative element for any circumstance and time of year. Of course, the fact of decorating with vases is not only, for example, to place them in the center of a table, but it also allows infinite possibilities to get more out of it and be one of the protagonists in the decoration of your home.

Inspiration to decorate with vases

If you are looking for inspiration to decorate with vases and you have already taken some idea. The time has come to get down to work. Whether it is time to prepare a more Christmas look or if instead, you are looking for something simpler and easier to adapt to any occasion you are in luck. Discover these ideas with vases to decorate and see for you how easy it is to decorate with this element and without the need to make a high investment.

1- Christmas balls do not always have to go on the tree. One of the ideas is to decorate with vases and fill them with Christmas balls. Choose different designs with a similar color, so that it draws attention and has texture. If you want to stand out more, try to have the balls have glitter or add some garlands, if possible with lights inside.vases

2- With this example, we see that decorating with vases and candles has never been so flirtatious. We do not have to count on the vases of a lifetime. This flat design allows us to be creative and play with color, white and neutral tones. To give the final touch of romanticism the decoration with candles will be the one that helps us to stylize it completely.vases

3- We change the third. The result speaks for itself. With this type of decoration with vases stands out more than ever the autumn and parties like Halloween. The effect is simply precious.vases

4- In this case, the trick is to be inspired by the decoration with glass jars and the result speaks for itself. As a distinctive element is achieved by decorating with lavender, perfect in its essence.

5- If you like plants then this vase bears your name. Perfect for the entrance of the house, with this idea you can store your favorite plants to give your home all the positive energy you need, do not you think?

6- Let’s give it a more rustic and simple touch. In this case, it is a matter of looking for some vases or on the other hand some glass bottles. The goal is to decorate with antiques to achieve precisely that more rustic style but at the same time very modern and flirtatious.vases

These original ideas have been incredible and we think they are perfect to decorate your home with vases.  It is a very economical way to give a different touch and get a lot of style with so little.

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