Six original ideas to decorate with wine corks that will surprise you


Wine is one of the most popular and consumed drinks around the world, but what to do with the corks of each bottle that is consumed? Get rid of them? Do not! If you are a wine lover, do not forget that corks can be very useful to decorate your home.

Decorating with wine corks is easy, economical and fun, being able to obtain decorative elements that are really attractive, original and useful. Why throw the wine corks with the many possibilities they offer? In this way, you can not only make your home a much more original and elegant place, but you will also help take care of the environment.

Ideas to decorate your home with wine corks

Each bottle of wine will give you a flavor, aroma, and health, but it will also provide you with the necessary elements to create with your own hand’s real works of art using wine corks from the bottles you consume. In fact, with the wine cork stoppers can come to create truly useful, simple and practical elements. Take note of these interesting ideas to decorate your home and get down working!

1- Cork stoppers for wine are ideal to create great and original flowerpots for plants in your garden or balcony. The pots themselves, whether they are larger or smaller in size, together with the corks, offer in this sense a lot of play to create the most curious creations. Fast, simple and fun there will be no pots like yours.decorate with wine corks

2- If you are a wine lover and you want to create a corner with a romantic touch in your home, we recommend creating a big heart with the wine corks from the wine bottles that you had the chance to try and show off in one of your walls Ideal both to show your passion and love for wine and to the loved one you live with, especially if you both feel a predilection for wine.

3- The wine corks can also be very useful to prepare small and original coasters that you can use yourself or when you have guests at home. It is a great way to take advantage of the corks in your bottles and recycle them in a practical, simple and useful way.decorate with wine corks

4- The Christmas dates are approaching and, as it can not be otherwise, the decoration of the home is extremely important to create a warm, cozy and, above all, Christmas atmosphere. We propose that you create small cork figures to hang on your Christmas tree as reindeer, snowmen, and characters of Bethlehem, among many other possibilities.

5- Another interesting option for the Christmas days is to create a garland of wine corks, an original and different idea to decorate the door of your home. Adorn your garland of corks with those elements that you like most like leaves, small red fruits, or whatever you like. We recommend you hang your cork garland with a strong red ribbon to give a much more Christmas and warm touch.decorate with wine corks

6 – Like the heart of corks, you can also create many other shapes or shapes with your corks, but if you are a wine lover we recommend you to create figures of wine glasses as you can see in the image below. It is a perfect idea, especially for kitchens or for wineries, as it will bring a truly original, beautiful and at the same time elegant touch.

What do you think of these 6 ideas to decorate your home with wine corks? Do not hesitate to take note of these ideas and put them into practice. If you are a Wine Lover, you can not ignore these decorating ideas.

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