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When we talk about the Smeg fridge, we usually talk about the ’50s’ model, which has become a true icon of style. A refrigerator that in addition to guaranteeing the perfect preservation of food and drinks, brings a lot of personalities and an unmistakable vintage style to the kitchen in which it is introduced.

The offer of Smeg refrigerators is made up of different models in design and style. The meticulous and constant stylistic search has allowed Smeg to realize refrigerators whose unique aesthetics respond to the tastes and demands of everyone. From the minimalist and rigorous design of the Side-by-side in steel or silver version to the anti-corrosion stainless steel models. Footprints, until the color refrigerators of the ’50s, turned into true icons of style.

All of them have been manufactured with the most advanced technology to guarantee maximum reliability and high energy efficiency. From a functional point of view, we could say that they are efficient, technologically advanced, reliable and easy to use.

Smeg fridge 50 years

If there is a design that stands out in Smeg’s extensive catalog of refrigerators, it is the model of the ’50s. The beautiful design of rounded shapes and the possibility of choosing from a wide range of chromatic proposals only make this appliance more interesting.

Easy installation and integration is the designer to stand out in the kitchen. Also from a functional point of view, they are efficient. They guarantee perfect preservation of the food and present outstanding energy efficiencies of class A ++ and A +++.

The importance of color

Do you prefer your Smeg fridge in pastel tones or in a versatile white color? The Smeg fridge is available in a wide range of colors that will bring different sensations to your kitchen. Do you want to know in which environments each of them fits best?

In pastel colors: The Smeg refrigerators in pastel colors are the ones with the most covers. They can be easily integrated into a white kitchen, providing a soft pink, aquamarine or blue note to it. Colors that when combined together we can also easily incorporate other elements such as chairs or small appliances as a tool to reinforce the vintage style of it.

In black and white: The Smeg in white is more discreet and versatile, provided they are combined with furniture in light colors on those that do not stand out in excess. The black Smeg, meanwhile, brings sophistication and personality to the kitchen without getting to focus the attention of it. Both will be fantastic in white diaphanous kitchens with stainless steel appliances.

In vibrant colors: Do you dare with oranges, reds, and limes? If you want your fridge Smeg to monopolize all eyes bet on some of the vibrant colors proposed in its catalog. Combine them with neutral furniture and let them be the protagonists or use them to make your kitchen become an explosion of color.

Kitchen Styles

The Smeg refrigerators are very decorative. They bring a lot of personality to the rooms where they are placed and increase their aesthetic value. However, not all Smeg refrigerators work equally well in all kitchens. Each style prefers certain colors.

Vintage kitchen and boho

When it comes to decorating vintage kitchens, there is no better choice than a 50’s Smeg fridge. If your cabinets are white, opt for a refrigerator in aquamarine or pink color that adds color to your kitchen and incorporates accessories in this or other pastel shades. If you are looking for a more discreet option or your furniture is pastel and you are afraid that the room looks overcrowded, then you will find it more comfortable to opt for a cream-colored appliance.

Rustic kitchen

In rustic kitchens, wood is the main protagonist. And having already a protagonist, why look for a second? The refrigerators in white or cream color become the best alternative to decorate these rooms. The rounded shapes of the model 50, also contribute to softening the “rough” design of dark and rough kitchens.

Industrial kitchen

Industrial kitchens are usually characterized by the great importance that stainless steel charges in them. Also for presenting exposed brick walls or visible pipes. There are those who label them as cold or unwelcoming. Probably, because they have not seen the warmth that a pastel Smeg fridge can convey to them.

Modern kitchen

The vintage aesthetics of Smeg Fifties will draw attention in a kitchen with modern lines. The rounded shapes of the refrigerator contrast with the straight lines of the furniture, adding richness to the kitchen. The coolers in black and white are the favorites to decorate these spaces, but not the only ones that we can use for it.Smeg

The yellow and red refrigerators can also become protagonists of modern spaces like those you can see in images. While combining black and white refrigerators with furniture in the same color will achieve cleaner and more balanced spaces, with designs in yellow or red tones will achieve more daring spaces.

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