Some utilities for garrets


In the article on decoration today we tell you how to give certain utilities different to garret-type constructions. Although before proposing a type of decoration or another, we must take into account how many square meters will be available to give life to the room.

There are houses and flats that are completely attic type so in that case, we will have more space to decorate; however, there are other constructions that have only a part of the dwelling as a garret, above all the houses with two or more floors in which the construction of an attic room of a few useful meters is concluded. For both cases, we will see decorating ideas that we can carry out without wasting a single meter.

Full floors and small room’s attic type

Both in the complete floors and in the rooms attic type we will have to take into account that both windows and doors can be cut, that is, one of the corners can be annulled to make the typical attic form. For this reason, many of the furniture that we will need to decorate a flat attic will be with special measures.small rooms

If we have a flat attic of a few square meters we must add an extra light so it does not look so small, since the few available meters are added to the effect of a garret floor. For this reason, we recommend the following decoration guidelines:

  • White walls: There is nothing of more light, besides the windows obviously, than walls painted completely white. Using this paint in small places is advisable because it makes them look bigger and brighter.
  • Light wood furniture: White walls are many colors of furniture but especially one that is great is the light wood. It is quite currently in decoration and best of all is that it is an economic wood (although it depends mostly on the place of purchase).
  • Details in color: Break the chromatic monotony with color details in the adornments: crockery, curtains, cushions, kitchen towels, towels, candles, sofa blankets, etc.
  • Say yes to the vegetation: If you want to bring some warmth and nature to your attic stay, nothing better than placing some indoor plants. They will give life and energy to the house. An indoor Palmier, some hanging photos, some cactus … The possibilities are endless. How about some aromatic plants to use in the kitchen?

And if it is a small room, the size of a room, what do you think of these utilities?

  • Reading room and relax.
  • Full bathroom with jacuzzi.
  • Dressing room.
  • Studying room.
  • Game room for the little ones.
  • The music room and/or leisure.

With a little taste and style, you will have the house of your dreams, regardless of the meters you occupy or the type of construction that it is.

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