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When we create children’s spaces, we must always bear in mind that what they will have the most are toys, and so that chaos does not reign we will have to think of storage solutions that are practical and that they themselves can use. Today we have many storage ideas for toys, so we will see some that can be very useful.

We know that although in principle we will focus on what is functional, we also want to have solutions that are decorative in the storage for toys. So let’s see everything that can be useful to keep the children’s toys.

Original shelvesOriginal shelves

One of the simplest ideas when creating long-term storage in a nursery is to add shelves. But we are talking about spaces for children, so we must give free rein to creativity. There are many original shelves to add in these spaces. We should add solutions that are suitable for your height, and that you can continue using as you grow. Chests of drawers with the name of things or fun shelves in the form of trees are some ideas.

Shelves + drawersShelves + drawers

This is another idea that we have seen on several occasions. Having open shelves in which we can add wooden baskets or drawers that are classified with a photo or name is the perfect solution. In addition, these are usually low shelves, so they are ideal for them to collect their things and get used to being ordered. If they still can not read, we can substitute the names for drawings, so they know in which drawer everything goes.

Storage paper bagspaper bags

The paper bags storage has become very popular in recent times. And they have many advantages. They are very cheap, they move easily from one side to the other. They are so light that even the smallest children can use them and move them. In addition, they usually have a drawing that also makes them decorative.

Wicker basketsWicker baskets

This is another solution that we love and that is very decorative for spaces. The wicker is fashionable, and for that reason, the pretty wicker baskets with a thousand users have returned. One of them is to serve as storage baskets for toys or cushions in children’s rooms. There are with wool pompoms added, with garlands or painted colors.

Fun ideas

In the storage of toys, we also find some fun ideas, such as boxes with animal shapes. They are simple boxes covered with felt or other material, in which they have put faces and accessories to make them more fun and attractive for children. You can also add light colored baskets, which they can move and move, with comfortable handles for easy picking.

Wooden boxes

This idea begins to be a classic in children’s rooms. The boxes or large wooden crates are a great solution for storing children’s toys. These boxes usually have handles or something to pick them up. In addition, wheels are added because they can move them to where they are going to play. If you also want to give it a special touch, you can paint it in colors or add something to it, like a garland.

Plastic drawer unitsdrawer units

We finish with a solution that is quite practical, although we must say that it is not as decorative as the pretty wicker baskets or the painted wooden drawers. We refer to the practical plastic drawer units that come in modular furniture, such as those that we can buy in Ikea. They are easy to use because they are removable and there are different sizes, for all kinds of toys.

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