Suspended or stretched ceiling: 5 advantages and disadvantages


Nothing worse than seeing a very damaged ceiling when you look up. It is, in this case, essential to renovate it entirely, except that this type of site is difficult to implement and above all, is very expensive. To remedy this, the alternative is to install a false ceiling. However, before considering the project, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of this solution.

Conceal imperfections

Poorly installed materials, water damage, neglected maintenance, the passing years, all of which have contributed, over time, to degrade the overall condition of your ceiling. However, the latter is an aspect that catches the eye when entering a house. A gradient ceiling definitely harms your decor. And if you do not have the means to renovate, opt for the installation of a false ceiling that will hide all these irregularities and imperfections, without the need to undertake heavy work. Easy to implement, it comes in several types: suspended, stretched, freestanding. What to adapt perfectly to your needs and decorative desires.

Contemporary decoration

Today, decorators swear by the false ceilings to refresh a room and give it a modern look. Tense models are the most popular. They are made from canvas usually made of PVC fixed to the walls thanks to rails or profiles in PVC or aluminum. Thanks to the fixing by rail, in particular, it is possible to obtain all kinds of forms (wave, vault, dome, and curve) for a contemporary and modern result. The canvas is also available in several colors and finishes (satin, matte, translucent, lacquered). Textured effects are even possible by choosing printed fabrics that can look like marble, crystal or wood.

A solution not necessarily expensive

A tenacious idea about false ceilings is that they are expensive. However, the interest to pose this structure is precisely that it avoids heavy renovations of the ceiling which require, them, a consequent investment.

The advantage of the false ceiling is the very economical raw material such as plasterboard worth between 10 and 15 Euros per m². Of course, the complexity of the construction site will have a tremendous impact on prices. The type of false ceiling also. Namely that the tense model is the most expensive (expect between 50 and 100 Euros per square meter).

Beware of maintenance

False ceilings need regular and adequate maintenance; otherwise, they may reveal signs of aging very quickly. In smoking areas, they tend to fade very quickly. Moreover, as soon as sharp objects damage them, it becomes difficult to repair yourself. This is all the more valid for stretch ceilings that are relatively fragile.

Fig leaf

False ceilings are often considered as cache-miseries. They only help to conceal a much bigger problem appearing at the ceiling and are considered as a temporary alternative. Plus, they can reduce the value of your home for sale. If the future buyers realize that behind hides a very damaged ceiling, it may affect the transaction.

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