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ocher color

The ocher is a darker yellow shade, pulling towards brown. It is a tone that has become a trend in fashion colors, both for clothing and decoration. If you want to find inspiration in decorations with ocher tones, we will give you some ideas. The ocher color can be included in any room and will […]


The old furniture is no longer outdated but has become valuable pieces. In the vast majority of cases are usually renewed to give them a totally different and new touch, adding color and details that change the furniture, but there is also someone who adds them as is, with its antique touch in wood. In […]

Decorate with glass jars

glass jars

It seems that everything we can think of can be recycled. Therefore, instead of spending more money, we give a new life to something we all know. Decorating with glass jars is the simplest thing to do. As well as being able to decorate the boats themselves, they also leave us decorative areas with a […]

dark colors

Although until a few years ago it did not look good to decorate a particular room of the house with too dark colors, nowadays Moody decoration is a trend that opts for dark colors when decorating different areas of the house as it is the case of the bathroom. The dark spaces are relaxing and […]


If you are tired of always seeing the same bathroom at home and you think you need a major change, you should not worry because it is possible to renew it completely without having to spend too much money.

bathroom tiles

Sometimes we want to make some kind of reform, but make it simple. We do not want to spend a lot of money or have the house upside down. That is why we have to resort to proposals that are easy to make and with few materials. Those of today are intended for bathroom tiles.

Shower curtains

The shower curtains are still one of the best options for our bathrooms. Although it is true that the screens are coming at your heels, these curtains have a very long route. Something that is always good to have and more, when it comes to the decoration of our home.

wooden shelves

The wooden shelves are very useful when creating storage spaces in our house. These tables arranged horizontally, as defined by the RAE are a simple and versatile resource that we can incorporate into any room, from the bathroom or kitchen to the living room or the children’s bedroom.