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On these dates are the decorative crafts made by one or as it is known popularly and internationally, crafts ‘do it yourself’ = “Do it yourself”. That is why, taking advantage of the fact that it is almost Christmas, these are the dates of the year when we decorate our home the most and we […]

Garden sheds

Do not wait until spring arrives to make changes in your garden. Having everything ready to be able to squeeze this space to the fullest when the good weather arrives should be your goal. Do not have space to organize garden supplies? Do you dream of having your own workshop but do not have space […]

Cabinets with sliding doors


The cabinets are one of the basic furniture for the bedrooms. Based on this, we must always choose the one that goes with the style and measurements of our room. That is why; cupboards with sliding doors are always one of the ideas that first come to mind. More than anything because they have great […]

Sliding doors

When it comes to decorating our home, we always try to find the best options. Although we think of the style that decoration will bring, we also look for the practical and everything that does not occupy too much space. Hence, sliding doors are always a good idea a priori.


When we talk about cabinets, most of us come to mind large furniture and made of wood to store clothes. The definition of the RAE, however, is something more school. This is what they define: “Furniture with doors and shelves or hangers to store clothes and other objects”.