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vertical garden

The vertical garden is one of the best ideas to give an original touch to our home. It is a green wall that, sometimes, we can find both inside and outside. In addition to having a natural and precious space, the truth is that it also has a number of advantages in terms of conventional […]


Do you usually organize parties or gather family and friends in your home? Do you want to be able to take advantage of outdoor spaces at any time of the year? The pergolas allow us to expand the usable area of our home, providing us with a nice place and protected from the sun in […]


Enjoying a terrace or garden is something that many people look for when choosing a home, but they have one small drawback: the lack of privacy. The fact of having an outdoor space also makes it easier for neighbors or passers-by to see what happens, what is there or what you do in your terrace […]


Did you know that an aquarium can serve much more than housing fish? The truth is that this object has become, in recent years, a perfect element for home decoration. Its rounded shape and glass material makes it a perfect showcase to give a unique and original touch to your home. If you have a […]

Garden sheds

Do not wait until spring arrives to make changes in your garden. Having everything ready to be able to squeeze this space to the fullest when the good weather arrives should be your goal. Do not have space to organize garden supplies? Do you dream of having your own workshop but do not have space […]