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studio room

Undoubtedly decorating a study room is essential to get a comfortable environment where we can work as comfortable as possible. And having a comfortable, functional and well-lit study room will help us make our work days much more bearable. Do you want to know the most accurate decorating rules? Pay special attention:

Kitchen lamps choose yours!

Kitchen lamps

Are you decorating your new home and looking for ideas to decorate the Kitchen lamps? Do you want to give your kitchen another air with the least number of changes? The kitchen is a space in which we gather the family, we eat, and we talk … An important space that good lighting can make […]


During the summer we want to enjoy the exterior of the house as much as possible. If we have a terrace we will have to make the most of it, so we can create one of those wonderful chills out terraces where the main thing will be to relax. Space chill out at home to […]