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Furniture for television

Our homes have changed a lot over the years, but we still need a piece of furniture for television. A piece of furniture that allows us to organize the cables of this and other multimedia devices and to help us reduce the sensation of disorder that these generate. The furniture for television can also serve […]

decorate with bamboo

Creating a much more relaxed and serene environment in your home is possible, and for this. The decoration of your home greatly influences this. The bamboo is the perfect place to help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere decoration. The durability and resistance that bamboo has made this element a great ally of decoration. Decorate […]

Nest tables

The nest tables are auxiliary tables with extra functionality. They allow us to create different compositions using the tables either as a set or individually. This versatility makes them a product with great appeal in the world of interior design.

living room

Is the living room of your house already outdated? If for the use or for having risked too much with colors or styles that have already gone out of fashion your living room has been outdated. Then it is time to get down to work and update your style or reform it. You probably think […]

Well-used U kitchens


Is your kitchen small? Zero dramas! With an accurate distribution, you will forget its small size to enjoy it centimeter by centimeter. And which is the most successful? When the kitchen is narrow and elongated the distribution in “L” is a great alternative, while in those of square plan the configuration in “U” becomes the […]

blue color

If you are looking for a color with which to renew the look of your home and give a new air to it, look no further because blue is undoubtedly your color. Blue belongs to that group of colors called cold and that is perfect for decorating your house during these dates. It is a […]


Our living room sofa is like that little “friend” who welcomes us when we are most tired … We arrive home tired all day and he is the one who comforts us in his warm and comfortable embrace. However, there are times that our sofa does not look like it should, especially during the day […]


The curtains for the living room are more than essential. Because thanks to them, we can cover the windows of the most curious neighbors. At the same time, we will not let the sun pass with all its strength but we do need the luminosity to be always present in our home.