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decorating with mirrors

The mirrors are one of those details that can not be missing in any decoration. They are one of the basic elements that have always been maintained among the most special trends. The reason is that they have a number of advantages that are well worth discovering when decorating with mirrors.

white cages

A cage as a decorative element? It will be possible? That is the question that many have asked about the functionality of the cages to decorate. But in reality, in today’s world, however redundant it may seem, a white cage is much more than a white cage.


If you need a space in the home to work, the bedroom is a good option for it. The most usual thing is that, in this room, a work zone is created that is slightly differentiated from the rest. But we have to take into account that the energy of the bedroom and that of […]


Do you want to renovate your room cheaply? You have to know that there are many decorating tricks “low cost” with which you can give a new look to your room and your home without having to invest a lot of money. In addition, it is also very fashionable lately what is known as “recycled […]

beauty packages

More and more people are joining us to lead a more ecological and responsible life with the environment. And the truth is that there are many tricks that can help us to reduce our environmental impact in a very notorious and sustainable way. One of the ways to make them returning to use the beauty […]


Do you have an old trunk at home and do not know what to do with it? Quiet! Because we are going to discover some tricks so you can give it a second life. Also, your house will be much prettier and more modern. The decor recycled is fashionable, so, here you will discover how […]

Some utilities for garrets


In the article on decoration today we tell you how to give certain utilities different to garret-type constructions. Although before proposing a type of decoration or another, we must take into account how many square meters will be available to give life to the room.


Our living room sofa is like that little “friend” who welcomes us when we are most tired … We arrive home tired all day and he is the one who comforts us in his warm and comfortable embrace. However, there are times that our sofa does not look like it should, especially during the day […]