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industrial loft

The young New Yorkers who in the 1950s occupied old industrial loft buildings were the precursors of the industrial style. A style associated with wide and bare spaces, which show its structure, and with noble and recycled materials. An industrial loft must be able to move us to an old park of industrial buildings whose windows […]


If there is a material that is currently fashionable this is, without a doubt, wood. It is an element that can be found both in the furniture of any room in our house, as in small details such as kitchen trays, magazine racks, and so on. The reason for its success is that wood brings […]


Maybe over the years, the walls of your house seem boring and you think that now is a good time to change and give a touch to them totally modern and current. Forget the painting and the wallpaper and do not lose detail of a series of current coatings that will make your house look […]

rustic halls

The rustic halls style is always welcoming, with that use of wood and its field appearance. If we also have a house in a field or rural area is the best possible style, and we do not have to think that it is something old-fashioned, because this rustic style has been evolving over time but […]

Christmas wreaths

For those of us who celebrate Christmas and like to create our own Christmas wreaths decorations, time is on us. In two months we will meet with our family and friends to celebrate some very special days and everything must be ready by then.

Stair rails for each style

each style

The stairs communicate the different architectural levels of a house, but they are much more than an architectural element. They bring personality to space and often become the focal point of the room. The handrails make these more secure but they also contribute their own style to them.