Terrace decoration to start the summer


You have to have the terrace fully prepared for those summer days that remind us why we like to take advantage of this area of the home. Whether your Terrace decoration is large or small, I’m sure you can make a space to put the basics and some pieces of the trend, so we’ll see a little inspiration to decorate this area.

The terrace decoration is another important part of the home, although we have a little abandoned during the winter because it is used almost nothing. But now that the good weather is coming, it’s time to put it back on and enjoy it to the fullest.

Scandinavian style terrace

You have to start with the inspiration of the style that is most popular in recent times. We refer to the Scandinavian style, a simple and functional decoration with current details and beautiful two-tone prints. On this terrace, they have used beautiful wooden furniture, which gives warmth, and some details with plants, as well as cushions with prints, which put the touch of grace to the whole.

Bohemian terrace

The bohemian style is always good on the terrace decoration because it is a casual style and precisely what we want in a place like a terrace is that, tranquility, relaxation, and carefreeness. In this style, we will add enough textiles with ethnic and colorful prints. Some details such as wicker furniture, which has become a trend again, or a canopy, are ideal to complete the space.

Small terrace

Even if you have a small terrace, the truth is that you can take advantage of it very well if you wish. At present, you have many small types of furniture to use on the terrace decoration, with metal chairs and stools or even folding furniture that you can then easily store when you no longer use the terrace. Trunks for outdoors can also be a good idea because you can store things and sit on them. In short, it is also about creating a good atmosphere, with garlands, plants, and lanterns.

Terrace with pallets

On the terrace decoration, we can also save a lot if we build some fun furniture with pallets. That is very fashionable and we need few details because with a few paddles and some mats and cushions we already have very functional terrace furniture. We will only have to add a few more details, such as a table, candles to illuminate and some plants to create atmosphere.

Large terrace

The spacious terraces also have their problems when choosing the decoration for them. In general, their main disadvantage is that they can become cold and appear empty because we only add a few pieces of furniture. The wooden furniture is perfect to give warmth, but we also have large sets of sofas for the outside and we can take advantage to put a pergola that provides shade and delimit a little space.

Plants on the terrace

The plants are a fundamental part of the terrace, and without them, it seems that no rears its ugly nature. You can use pretty pots, plants to put on the floor or hang on the walls and on the balcony. There is also the possibility of creating a wonderful vertical garden, which occupies little space and gives us space to put many plants.

Lighting for the terrace

The terrace decoration can also be used at night, and there are many types of lighting available. From solar lamps that are illuminated at night with solar energy to solar garlands or simply candles. With these points of light, we can illuminate the entire terrace.

Textiles on the terrace

The terrace decoration should also be dressed with beautiful and cozy textiles. It is possible to put a rug, but above all, we should not forget about the cushions and blankets.

Trend pieces

In the terraces, we can always add the touches of the tendency to renew it a little each year. A fun designer chair, textiles with summer colors or some detail, like an original pot or a wicker basket to create a new environment every year.

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