The brown color in the decoration and its great combinations


The brown color is one of the ones we need in decoration. Because its versatility will leave us with perfect ideas and very practical. It is left to combine by the vast majority of colors, giving off great comfort and a combination of unique styles.

Maybe we no longer understand the decoration without the brown color. Because both to give intensity to a stay, and to add balance will be he who is at our feet. It should be noted that it symbolizes the color of the earth and as such, will provide us with security and, of course, a great style that we must not forget.

The brown color for a rustic decoration

On the one hand and as one of the best combinations, rustic decoration enters our home. In it, as the main protagonist, we will have the brown. But not only in a key but here can we start to combine several of them. From the most intense brown for furniture to beige or sand for details and accessories. Hence, we can have in the same room, a large selection of brown colors.Salon-Colors-brown-clear

An exotic and original decoration

For a more original environment and where color is present, our brown is also the protagonist. The decoration of exotic type will combine both browns as reddish colors or yellow and orange. Undoubtedly, the latter with the brown always create a unique style, with great strength and a perfect trend to cover rooms or other rooms.

The meaning of brown color in decoration

As a general rule, we can say that it will give the cozy touch to all the rooms. In the same way, we talk about comfort or balance when we mention a color like this. Being synonymous with the earth, this color gives us stability and also realism. They say it is one of the best ways to keep your mind calm. Since this stability or balance is also of an intellectual nature.

Colors that I can combine with brown

If it is that we are in luck with the color and its different tonalities. Because we will always be winners. When we want an environment with that peace and relaxation, we can combine some chocolate with beige and the basic colors par excellence such as white and black. Of course, many people bet on the joy in decoration and hence the most colorful colors are usually the kings of the rooms. Well, if that’s your taste and purpose, then you can add as many oranges as turquoise or green.

The result will be intense but modern. The rooms will be protected with elegance and the most subtle and modern point. If you want an even more natural result, you can always combine brown with earth motifs. So you will help yourself with vinyl or murals where leaves and nature also accompany this decoration. A way to connect with the freshest air of everything that surrounds us.

The brown color in the rooms

You have to always remember something vital in the decoration. When the rooms are small, then we must use lighter colors or showy colors. That is because they will not subtract even a little light. We need amplitude in all of them; therefore, the very dark brown would not combine well in reduced stays. When we are before a large room, then we can make a combination of shades. Perhaps the most intense color can be the protagonist, helped by beige and light to give it precise elegance. In addition, in rooms with more light, browns will still stand out much more. What will bring more beauty? So that they do not look very muffled, remember that all those rooms, to which you give more use, should have different tonalities.

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