The dressers: one of the main furniture in the living room


Perhaps it has been relegated to the background in recent years, but the dressers are coming back stronger than ever. Many years ago, it was almost unthinkable to have a living room or dining room without the dresser. Later, they fell into disuse but it seems that little by little, it has resurfaced again.

Not only with its basic use but as a decorative piece that adds more style to our decoration. Today you will see how it is very simple to add it to our rooms. Thanks to its composition, materials, and colors it will become that option that you do not want to miss.

What was the use of the dressers?

The basic use of a sideboard was to have the crockery, as well as the glassware, well stored in it. So it was essential to have these details well collected. So, we can say that its use was not daily, because this tableware used to be those of the parties. Yes, it sure sounds to you because at home there was always one more daily and another new and with impressive details like flowers. That was the one that came to light during family and reunion moments. Maybe for a reason like that, the dressers were always in the background. It would not be the first furniture to buy thinking of a room decoration, for example.

How are the dressers?

We are always faced with a low piece of furniture. More or less a meter in height, something that did not always surpass. In addition, its layout used to be rectangular, although it is true that there were also some narrower, composed of several doors and cabinets. Even so, most had several drawers and even a door, minimum. So that in this way, all the details could be well kept, with great comfort.

Basically, we saw them in wood but it is true that nowadays everything has changed. In addition to wood, we have also found that they are made of other materials. In this way, you can get a result more in line with your decorative style. A perfect way to add it without crashing, but just the opposite. In addition, it should be mentioned that depending on how the prices vary. But we do not always have to spend a lot to find a good dresser. The examples that we show you today come from Furniture Boom and range from 70 Euros to 220 Euros.

Decorating with sideboards

Thanks to these varied compositions, the dressers have become fundamental. Nowadays, they have some of the most modern finishes, so that you do not get out of place in your living room. Since the usual has always been to meet him both in the living room and in the dining room. But beware; this concept has also varied slightly.

In addition to these two rooms, we can also enjoy it as an entrance hall and even in the kitchen. It will always depend on the space we have in our house. Although in addition to space itself, it is necessary to think about its use. Because if we give the most basic to keep the dishes, then we will have to place this piece of furniture near the tablespaces.

The best to have everything at hand and not give many laps when we need something. If you are going to use it as a receiver, then you can save some papers, invoices and other details that you can think of. For use in the kitchen, then also, almost certainly, you will fill it with kitchenware. All these furnitures will adapt to the space you want to decorate. Both their colors and their styles and finishes will fill your home with beauty at the same time that they take us out of a hurry to have everything well collected. A storage cabinet and also, decorative … what more can we ask for!

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