The eco furniture is made of cardboard


Living every day respecting the environment and the workplace. These are the founding values of the Corvasce Company.

They believe in the quality of life, both that which they spend together with the people they love and that of work.

These are the reasons that push Corvasce to work towards respect for the environment around us. Respect for people and the workplace.

Corvasce, inspired by cardboard, offers furnishings that make any living and work environment naturally welcoming and familiar in total respect of ecology.


The cardboard is a thick material which in its form. Consists of a layer of central corrugated cardboard and flat side paper surfaces. Used since its origins as packaging material in the last decades. It has shown uses and creative possibilities, stimulating the curiosity of designers and companies interested in the sustainable aspect of furniture and architecture. It represents the future “green” of industrial production. Most of the cardboard produced. In fact, biodegradable and made of recycled material, which allows reducing the volume of waste considerably.

Economical, ecological, and moreover versatile: the evolving technology allows, in fact, creating very original furnishing accessories, from bookcases to tables to seating.

Among the advantages of the ecological choice, there is finally the ease of assembly, due to the lightness of the material; this feature does not imply problems of fragility as the other quality standards achieved represent a guarantee of strength and consistency.

Excellence in the sector is Corvasce, a company that has been able to exploit the potential of the material. Giving life to a collection of furniture and furniture that are different for environments: home, office, shops, and temporary shops.

CORVASCE is a company based in Barletta and specializes in the design of solutions for various types of business, from retail to franchising, from exhibitions and outdoor events. With 575 customers, it is a supplier but also a partner for all the companies it follows, sharing all the stages of the set-up and ensuring quality, efficiency, and compliance with the rules.

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