The keys to choosing the perfect countertop for your kitchen


When we are reforming our home, we may have some doubts about the most suitable furniture for each room. It is the case of the kitchen whose countertop can be a subject that causes us doubts and confusion: is it better practicality or aesthetics?

In this article, we want to discover the keys to choose a countertop for the kitchen that is perfect, functional and ideal for your kitchen. Because you do not have to give up good taste if you want to opt for a practical and comfortable countertop. Here we tell you!

How to choose a countertop for the kitchen

The countertop in the kitchen is one of the most used furniture in the house. It is a space that we use to cook, to cut the ingredients, to prepare the sandwiches, to clean the utensils … Therefore, it must be made of a material that is resistant and hygienic but, at the same time, it is recommended that it be well with the aesthetics and decoration of your home.

Here we will discover the different types of countertops that exist so you can choose the one that best suits your style and your needs.

Laminated countertops

To be able to choose a kitchen countertop it is important that you know what types exist. You have to know that there are some that have different sheets that will protect the material and prevent them from breaking. In addition, these countertops allow you to give a decorative touch since you can include some element that improves its appearance.

These countertops are easy to install and are usually quite affordable. In addition, they are made with different shades so that it can be perfectly combined with the decoration of your home. When buying a countertop, you have to know that there are some models that are waterproof, that is, they are resistant to moisture and water, something perfect for an environment like the kitchen.

Wood countertops

When choosing a countertop for the kitchen, you must also know one of the most popular for its aesthetics: wood. They are countertops that usually come with a treatment to ensure the durability of the material and give it an extra strength of what natural wood has in it. It is a product resistant to scratches and impacts, making it ideal for the kitchen.

In any case, it is recommended that for this type of countertops a treatment designed to protect the material is applied frequently. You will improve the appearance of the wood and, in addition, ensure that it is in perfect condition.

Kitchen countertops in quartz, granite or porcelain

These three options are perfect for practical, hygienic and functional kitchen countertops. We will analyze them briefly one by one:

  • Quartz: it is a material that is very resistant to scratches, moisture and/or shock. It has a wide variety of shades and finishes to match the aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Granite: this material is also ideal for a kitchen countertop. It is also resistant to shocks, scratches, and heat, making it perfect for cooking. In addition, it is very easy to clean and keep in good condition.
  • Porcelain: it is a material that is very resistant to stains and heat. One of the best options because it is very durable and difficult to ruin. Yes, its price is somewhat higher.

More tips to buy the best countertop

Let’s now help you buy the perfect countertop for your kitchen. For this, we give you these tips that will be of great help to you when making the decision:

  • Choose the best material for you: value aspects such as aesthetics, durability, and maintenance, as well as its price to find the best countertop
  • Touch the countertop well: it is important to be clear about what the day-to-day will be like with this counter, therefore, give yourself your time and do not be in a hurry when making the final decision
  • Think about the future: we recommend you to bear in mind that changing the countertop is an expensive and a little “heavy” work, so, think about the now but also in the future because that countertop will last you time.

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