The keys to decorating an industrial loft


The young New Yorkers who in the 1950s occupied old industrial loft buildings were the precursors of the industrial style. A style associated with wide and bare spaces, which show its structure, and with noble and recycled materials.

An industrial loft must be able to move us to an old park of industrial buildings whose windows look out on Brooklyn in New York. Today we give you the keys to make that possible, live a loft or a house to which you want to print that same character.

Brick saw, cement, iron … these materials, some recycled furniture and a diaphanous structure in which everything is visible are the keys to decorating an industrial loft. Keys that we develop below in order to make your home an industrial style home.

Open spacesindustrial loft

In the 70s, industrial buildings became exclusive dwellings with spacious and open spaces in which the protagonist was transferred to materials. Dispense with unnecessary partitions are, therefore, one of the keys to decorating an industrial loft.

It is important that the spaces are bare so that both light and sight flow through the different environments. Environments that we can define using different resources: glazed walls with panels, open shelves or changes in level or material in the floors, among others.

Recovered walls and floors

There are materials characteristic of the industrial style such as concrete and brick. Concrete is commonly used in order to create continuity between the floor and the walls. Brick, on the other hand, is used to drawing attention to a curtain wall. Recovering a brick wall from the original construction is ideal but you can also expressly coat it for it.

As for the color of the bricks, those in reddish color are the most suitable if you want to achieve an aesthetic faithful to that of the original industrial buildings. However, it is increasingly common to find these bricks painted white or gray in order to achieve greater luminosity.

Contacts, pipes, and cables insight

In an industrial loft, it is common to find air ducts, water pipes, and a bare roof slab. Thus it was usual to find them in industrial buildings and thus they have remained until today in these spaces. Of course, today they do not travel the space randomly as in those ships; they do it perfectly integrated into the decoration.

Another element that is common to find insight is the light wires. These run through walls and ceilings as if it was a decorative element, but they were subjects with simple staples until they reach the vintage-style switches.

Large windows and industrial lamps

Originally the large windows were a hallmark of an industrial loft. These were never covered with curtains to reveal their metal structure and facilitate light to flow throughout the space. However, in the absence of large windows, taking care of the lighting of an industrial loft is a must.industrial loft

Lighting is a very important factor when creating different atmospheres in a single open space. Ideally, play with points of light located at different heights and with different intensities. Combine floor lamps with large screens that hang over the dining room table, the kitchen bar or a corner of the living room.

Furniture in metal, wood, and leather

In an industrial loft, trade furniture finished in iron or steel is combined with others restored in rough wood. Some metal lockers, a painter’s table, a barber’s chair or an old station clock become fetish elements to decorate this type of space.industrial loft

Leather elements in aged brown tones are also common. Leather sofas are a must in any industrial style living room. And other accessories such as trunks or leather suitcases can become great coffee tables or bedside tables with a little imagination.

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