The knolling, what it is and how to get it


Surely you’ve heard about knolling. Although perhaps, his name does not give you much more information. Today we are going to see how it originated and what it really is so that you can put it into practice as soon as possible. We can say, broadly speaking, that it is a system of organization.

So everything that is before us will be perfectly placed and organized. Thus, we can obtain much more professional and eye-catching images, in which all the products that are seen have the same prominence. Discover more about this technique!

What is knolling?knolling

It can be defined as a system for organizing the workspace. This is the version or definition in its origin. Since the term appeared when the janitor Andrew Kromelow decided to collect all the utensils found in the architecture studio. Everything was quite disorganized, so he thought it would be easier to find the pieces if they were placed by shapes, sizes and placed at 90º angles.

This he did and gave rise to everything was in place impeccably. So, a method like this could not be forgotten and Kromelow decided to give it a name. This is how the knolling originated, which as an end in addition to the organization, is expected to make the work more productive. Since when we have everything at hand, it becomes easier and faster. Sometime later, Tom Sachs would also adopt this system to his way of working and little by little it became something principal and to take into account.

How to get knolling

Although the concept and the idea have been underway for more than 30 years, photography is not widely used. Little by little, we are seeing how an idea like that is portrayed. Because besides the organization of any type of surface, we can always do it to give free rein to our imagination in the form of images. The finish will be the envy of all that maniac of order. Because as we mentioned, the arrangement of the elements is the key. To be able to do a good knolling, you have to follow the following steps:

First, we must look around for all kinds of details or utensils that we will not use. It does not matter without tools or books, because in the same way, they will be organized.

  • Try to collect enough, but if you see that one of them does not fit, then try less.
  • All those who look alike should go together. Either by shapes sizes or well, colors.
  • You will place them at a right angle on the surface of your choice.
  • Do not forget to immortalize the moment with a beautiful image. The more times you go practicing, you will see that it is not so complicated to reach an ideal finish.

Ideas for your original knollingknolling

As it is something simple to carry out, it does not surprise us that it is having so much repercussion. Because it is something that we are seeing in social networks and of course, we love the resulting effect. Sometimes it may even have business purposes. In the sense of promoting some products and not doing a merely casual knolling. Because you can try to sell a mobile device and organize all the parts that come in the box.

Although if yours are the recipes, you can also include all the ingredients of the same in a technique like this. Of course, fashion could not be left without its particular knolling. Therefore, when making any kind of look, you can always show it before thanks to this technique. So that the users know well of what parts it is composed. The same happens with the subject of makeup or beauty in general. As you see, you are surrounded by this idea and perhaps, you did not know it.

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