The main keys for a rustic decoration


Although the most modern and avant-garde designs are making a big dent in the decoration, we can not forget the most natural ones. That is why the rustic decoration opts for naturalness, the usual materials and recycled as well as for the ecological.

Do not you think it’s a good idea? Well, there are always some keys that are vital to follow a good rustic decoration. They move us to a more rural environment, in a rural setting, in contact with nature, but that we can adapt to all types of homes. Surely it will surprise you!

The rustic decoration opts for wood as the main material

The vast majority of the furniture will be made of wood. Robust furniture in pine wood that will be seen in each and every room. We have mentioned pine wood, although it can also be combined with other styles. But without a doubt, it is one of those that contribute that robustness that we like so much in an environment like this. But it is also that we know that we are facing a finish of comfort and warmth, very typical of an environment with this decoration. In addition to the pine, you can also take into account the oak, ash or beech. All of them will last over time, so it is always a good investment. In addition, if we think about it, we can also recycle antique furniture that usually has the mentioned woods.

Stone and brick, other essential materialsrustic decoration

Although the wood is present in the furniture and in some finishes, neither the stone nor the brick can be missing. The first one can be the perfect scenario to decorate the fireplace area if space allows it. In the same way, you can also monopolize the part of the main wall. The brick will also be present in the walls of the kitchen and in dining rooms or even living rooms. It is best to bet on a combination of rustic and modern style, so they will be combined in equal parts. It is clear that you can always adapt it to your liking, but you must take them into account.

Decorative details in the form of flowers and plants

Of course, if we talk about the most natural touches and an approach to that nature, then it is also to take into account that among the decorative details, we will need both plants and flowers. But as long as the latter are in white tones and with soft brush strokes in color. The plants can also accompany us in various ways. Both in the part of the kitchen and hanging, as in the corners of the room. Natural plants always provide that finish that we like so much in rustic decor.

The fabrics for our rustic stylerustic decoration

Soft textiles are a perfect option to accompany the windows, thanks to a series of curtains that let in light. You can get carried away by patchwork cushions, which will never go out of style. In the same way, for the blankets, nothing likes a pattern of flowers or leaves. Without forgetting the ethnic touches. As we see, the options are quite broad to add the warmest touch through the prints and fabrics.

What colors to use in the rustic decor?

Without a doubt, the entire range of earth colors will be at your disposal. From the most intense or average browns to brushstrokes in beige and sand. The color white is also present and of course, a touch of green will always bring us a little closer to that natural world that represents this type of decoration. The orange brushstrokes also we like with the wood finishes, but that will depend on the taste of each one. What do you think?

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