The originality of Ikea design


Ikea design

The detractors of the Swedish giant often use as an argument that the objects and furniture proposed by Ikea are nothing more than a review of the mainstream trends initiated by more famous producers.

The same criticism is also moved in the field of clothing when we must speak badly of the giants of low-cost clothing such as Zara or H & M.

To give an example if in the last season the pants were set with a certain line, the international apparel giants put them into production. Ditto for the furniture.

It’s not always like that, of course. These are places that can be refuted with simple examples. Let’s take the case of Ikea. It is not rare to recognize in important design magazines such as AD some articles produced by Ikea inserted in the houses proposed in the editorial services.

We mention three of the most frequent:

Ikea design

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