The restoration works of a building


Like the works of art the buildings go through restoration processes then we tell you what is the restoration of building

Just as works of art such as paintings or sculptures are restored, buildings also go through restoration processes. According to the quality of the materials and the moment in which it was built. The building must pass sooner or later by a process of this type. Vital for its maintenance and to continue enjoying it. It is a process that affects both historic and private buildings. Such as private homes, and among the curiosities of a restoration highlights that can help us to better understand our history.

What is the restoration of buildings?

Only the cataloged elements and monumental buildings are subject to restoration. Which includes those buildings of a historical nature in which individuals live that we mentioned before in addition to the monumental buildings. The restoration of a building is not something that can be done in any way since. We usually talk about protected goods. Therefore the purpose of restoration is to return the building – or part of the building – to its original condition or condition.

In order to carry out restoration. It is essential to have the necessary documentation to know what was the original state to which we want to return the building. Another thing we should know before carrying out the restoration of a building is the original use it had. In this way, in the restoration, certain installations or structural elements can be repaired or replaced. Always in order to guarantee the stability of the building and with the condition of not altering its original morphological characteristics.

We said that a restoration process helps us to recover the original characteristics of a building. So in a restoration you can also eliminate external elements that have been added later to the building. Elements in the facades or roofs, recovery of cornices or original eaves that could have been eliminated in previous interventions. The recovery of moldings and ornaments, etc. Restoration can also be the ideal time to eliminate additions within the building itself, such as false ceilings.

The process of restoration of a building can be of several types. For example, the restoration of cleaning is usually carried out on the facades of buildings in large cities that have been polluted by traffic or factories. When restorations are made for repairs. The consolidation of those elements that have suffered the damage caused by the passage of time or its use is sought; but if the level of deterioration is so important that we can not repair it. We speak of a restoration by substitution that involves the reconstruction of those irreparable elements.

Restore and rehabilitate is not the same

A common mistake is to confuse the terms restoration and rehabilitation of buildings. It has already become clear that the restoration only affects historic buildings and seeks to recover its original state after the modifications. That have been made or the damages experienced by the passage of time. On the other hand, the rehabilitation works seek to improve the conditions of habitability and healthiness of the building. So that it is more comfortable and safe for all those who live or work inside it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that unlike what happens with restorations. Re-habilitation works allow altering the original distribution and characteristics of the building. This is unthinkable when we talk about restoration because if the goal is to recover the original state we cannot modify this distribution. While the restoration usually has a patron, public or private.

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