The six best ideas to decorate your home with old records


Vintage is fashionable! The old discs have become great allies to decorate any home in a different, original and economical way. Although the famous vinyl records seemed to have become extinct, nothing could be further from the truth, since even today the decoration with old or old discs continues to give a lot of talk in the world of decoration and, of course, in the world of music.

Ideas to decorate with old records that will make you fall in love

Whether they are scratched, damaged or new. Here are some good ideas to decorate your home with old records, with vinyl records. Reuse all you have for your house and start looking for inspiration.

These simple ideas to decorate your old home with good records that will allow you to enjoy your spaces or vintage corners in the comfort and tranquility of your home. Take note!

1- Lover of vinyl records and their golden age? Then do not hesitate to create your little corner at home with your vinyl records. Get a rustic piece of furniture and place your turntable on top with a wooden shelf for your vinyl records and if you wish. Show the one you like the most.decorate

2- If you have old, damaged or scratched discs do not hesitate to use them as a decorative element for your walls. You can make an infinite number of drawings with them. A simple idea, fast and without any complications for you. Your imagination to power!decorate

3- Do you remember the traditional turntables in a suitcase?  These turntables next to one of the old vinyl records that you have around your house and some little plants in the background are a good decorative element for any corner. Ideal to give your house that vintage touch you were looking for, but at the same time elegant and retro.decorate

4- Another simple possibility is to intersperse your old records with other decoration elements of your home in a large bookcase. Combine disks, paintings, toys, figures, etc., is a discreet and beautiful wood that your old records are not kept in a drawer or cabinet and are a decorative element of your home.decorate

5- Do you have a wooden table that you do not know what to decorate with? You have to bear in mind that vinyl records along with any other item or antique object that you have in your possession. Can help you create a corner that allows you to return to the past. Create a column of vinyl records and accompany it with other elements such as an old typewriter. Old toys, or whatever goes through your mind. Curious, is not it?

6- Do you have numerous vinyl records with what you do not know what to do? It does not matter if they are scratched or aged. Join them all and create wall clocks with all of them different for your living room. What do you think about the idea? Original, right?

What do you think of these ideas to decorate your home with old records? Do not hesitate and get to work to get a new opportunity to your vinyl records.

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