The Stokke chair evolves with your baby


The Stokke Steps chair is an evolutionary chair that adapts to your baby as it grows. Probably you have seen it in an editorial and you will have noticed it because of its attractive design, very much in keeping with the Scandinavian style that we talked about so much lately when mentioning decorative trends.

The Stokke chair is part of the Stokke® Steps ™ seating system. It can be used from birth with the hammock for babies and a few months later to make meals easier and more comfortable in combination with the baby set and the tray. This evolutionary highchair easily adjusts to the child’s growth without the need for tools, hence its success.

About Stokke, the company

Stokke AS was founded in Alesund, on the west coast of Norway, in 1932. Since then, it has been distributing furniture and equipment for children of excellent quality worldwide, in segments of the market such as high chairs, strollers, baby carriers, home textiles and nurseries.

All Stokke products are designed to stimulate the child’s development and strengthen ties between parents and children. Stokke prioritizes the needs of the child above all else in all its products, from the carts aimed at parents to the versatile line of adjustable seating solutions like the one we present today.

Characteristics of the Stokke Steps chair

The Stokke Steps chair has simple lines and an easy-to-integrate style in any environment. It is a chair that serves as a base for the hammock and additional accessories. And it is through these accessories that we get this highchair to serve the child during a good part of his childhood.

Developed with children in mind and action, the chair provides comfort and adequate support thanks to its adjustable accessories. The chairs are prepared to easily and without tools attach the hammock. So, since he is a baby, we can easily feed him at the table.

After six months adding the Baby Set, the Stokke® Steps ™ chair becomes a very versatile high chair. And when do you start eating alone? Then the optional tray will give the child his own space to eat and play.

There are many characteristics but we could summarize them like this:
It can be used in conjunction with the Stokke® Steps ™ hammock to bring your newborn baby to the table, and with the Stokke® Steps ™ Baby Set to create a high chair.

The child can sit at the table and enjoy meals with the family.
The rounded seat and backrest provide optimal ergonomics.
The footrest is easy to adjust, is mounted without tools and allows the child to get up and down the chair freely.
Contemporary Scandinavian design.

As you can see the Stokke chair is available in different colors, so it will be even easier to fit it in a kitchen or living room decorated. Do you like your design?

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