Tips for decorating a small marriage bedroom


Sometimes we think that having a small double bedroom, we will not achieve a room with charm. Well, the opposite! Thanks to the distribution and decoration in general, we can achieve envy results. So, today we have set out to make a selection of the most important points you must follow.

A few points that have the purpose of comfort at the same time as the style and that will even make your rest look better. It seems impossible, but it is totally true! We need a place that makes us feel literal, at home. Do you want to get a perfect marriage bedroom?

The bed for a small double bedroom

Without a doubt, it is the center of every bedroom. The bed is one of the main furniture. We should not get carried away by the tastes in this case, but by the dimensions of the room. We must always take the measurements and adapt to them to the millimeter. Once the bed is selected, it will always be in the center of the room. That is, leave free space on both sides of it. If the room is really small, there are also more options. A folding bed or one that has a built-in sofa. In both cases, space will be our best path.bedroom

Double functionality at bedside tables

If, for example, the bed tray allows us to store clothes in it, bedside tables can also serve a double function. Instead of simply placing a piece of furniture, you can choose one that has several drawers or, of those that go together in structure with the headboard and use them as a table for the computer or desk. Yes, it may be a little smaller, but it does not hurt to think about a use like this.bedroom

The always strategic lighting

You have to always illuminate the small rooms. Because only then will they look much bigger. For this, you can place certain lamps or bulbs. Keep in mind that in a small marriage room, we must opt for the most discreet. Forget about the big lamps in the ceiling; however, you can welcome the spotlights that are embedded in the ceiling. The same way, instead of standing lamps, you can opt for the supports that leave the area of the headboard.

The function of the cabinets

If you have a much better built-in closet, if not, try to be a little separated from the entrance area. They will always be better towards a corner and remember that in this case, it is better to have sliding doors. Since, although it seems that no, they also help us to take advantage of the space. Inside, try to use all its corners. You can place clothes on hangers or in boxes. Depending on the type of door you have, you can also use them to place hangers on them. Buy different hangers according to the function we give you. It is very important to have a good organization of the closet, but the clothes and accessories can alter our order.

Different types of storage

We need to find gaps for all those details that are stored. Hence, you can take advantage of the part of the headboard to place a kind of shelves or shelves. The books, small musical equipment or CDs, will be safe in a place like this. On the other hand, try to store the wall vertically. You do not need to buy a shelf standing, better install it on the wall itself. This is one of the best claims to take advantage of the space.bedroom

Pastel and basic colors, your best allies

Because of the relaxation of the senses also part of the colors. If we already have clear that the furniture has to go according to the room if we take full advantage of the walls and the wardrobe, we also need to know that the tones of all of them will help us more than we think. Light colors are always the icing on the cake. But yes, without being very flashy. White, cream or pastel shades are your best allies for a small double bedroom.

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